Trendline for President Obama's approval rating last 12 months (not what you've been told)


Kinda goes hand in hand with the meme that his approvals have tanked, when in reality he's only gone down four points since the same time last year. Huge kudos to TPM for the neato keen interactive graph.

  • Icantgetaname112

    then he would be near the former president bush when he left office

  • Sam_Dobermann

    It's actually a bit higher than Reagan's was at the same point of term. Bush was higher but then we just had to go shopping.

  • Darkwolfe75

    Why not skip that harsh reality stuff and just begin pretending right away that Obama's popularity is tanking? Everyone else is doing it...

  • Darkwolfe75

    Kinda makes you wonder what other false narratives the media is pushing, and why they would be less than truthful, doesn't it? Just kidding... it doesn't.

  • Guest

    52.0% rating on 9/11/09, 46.0% approval on 9/6/10. 52.0-46.0=6.0 points, not 4.

    If he loses six points a year for the next six years that leaves his with an approval rating of 10 percent.

  • Dstrobel

    The interesting data is revealed when you extend the chart out to the beginnig of the healthcare debate

  • Joeydetroit

    But if you rotate the page 30 degrees clockwise, you've got a media trend!

  • That slope would not exactly make for exhilarating skiing.