Why I turned off my Tee Vee Machine while watching CNN today


I had to turn off the Tee Vee Machine today. I never do that. I need the Tee Vee Machine. I need to watch for breaking news to report to you, I need to see as many sides of a story as is humanly possible, I need to glean whatever information I can from what passes for news these days.

But today I reached my limit.

I was watching CNN, because, of course, MSNBC was airing "Lockup". They do that a lot. Apparently, news doesn't break on weekends and holidays.

Anyway, on CNN there was a news dee jay. I hesitate to call him an anchor for obvious reasons. And this news dee jay was discussing a poll with the "CNN political correspondent", or "CNN political analyst", or "CNN Inept Yet Well-Paid On Air Personality", or whichever label they lavish on under qualified hacks.

The two pretend reporters/anchormen/journalists/insert-title-here were Very Earnestly and Seriously discussing a poll about who would be the likely victors in the November election. Dee Jay Guy started opining- yes, the "objective" news "anchor" was opining-- about how the Dems were in deep doodoo, even worse doodoo than they were in yesterday when other dee jays were opining about how the Dems were in deep doodoo.

Analyst Guy jumped in, there were opinions flying everywhere, and both objective news professionals personalities were enthusiastically and blatantly and confidently insisting that the Dems' doodoo was deepening.  I was impressed with how intent they seemed to be to convince voters that neither had read this.

Then they delved (if shallow delving is even possible) into a poll that indicated that voters weren't very fond of the Tea Party. Analyst Guy suddenly became rather hesitant, and  prefaced his delvitude with, "Hey, this is just my opinion, but..." and then proceeded to give his opinion. He was very careful to repeat that it, to be sure, and under no uncertain terms, was just his opinion, but yeah, maybe, possibly the Tea Baggers were kinda, maybe, possibly losing support, kinda, maybe, possibly because they had been so very high profile during the primaries. He didn't sound very confident any more, not when it came to Tea Bagger doodoo.

Finally, the "Here's What I Think" fest was concluded, but something was missing. There seemed to be a hole the size of Dee Jay Guy's enormous mouth, but what was it?

I thought, and I thought, and I thought again. Then it came to me the way epiphanies come in the form of wild geese formations to Glenn Beck: Not a word was uttered about the part of CNN's own poll that revealed that the midterms will not be about sending President Obama a message.  No commentary that might have gone in Obama's favor. Not a whisper to contradict their usual message that Obama is the recipient and cause of America's anger. Nope, only a lot of blah blah blah that created a lot of doubt about Democrats this election season.

And that is when, and why, I turned my Tee Vee Machine off.

Note to Commenters who ask: No, I can't link to a video that doesn't exist, which is why I didn't link to a clip of the above broadcast. Yes, I can still post about it, because I am reporting about what was said. That's what reporting is, listening to others and writing down what they say.