VIDEO: "They burned down one, they'll burn down another one.."


Welcome to the 1960s:

"They burned down one, they'll burn down another one.."

That was part of the message Reverend Terrance Mackey delivered to about one hundred community members at Green Grove Baptist Church Monday night.

Mackey is the president of the National Coalition for Burned Churches, an organization that helps churches that burn either due to arson, or under suspicious circumstances, to rebuild. [...]

According to the national coalition for burned churches there were twenty six churches that were either the victim of arson of undetermined fires in the past three years in Georgia.

History repeats itself, sadly.

The new normal: Islamaphobia, Negrophobia, hate, fear, racism, mob mentality, incitement,  assassination plots.

But remember, Glenn Beck requests that you don't carry a sign, so nobody will know you're a racist.


H/t: Luci

  • Luci

    There is a giant framed picture of the First Family hanging boldly in my living room. When they come in my house, it is the first thing in their face. I just love the expression on their faces, because, they call me sister but they won't call the President brother.

  • kimbutgar

    It's not only Muslims they are attacking. It's Blacks, Latinos, Gays, Progressives, Liberals and Pro Choice Women to name a few You name it, Pox and Reich wing media are stoking the fires on new enemies every week. No one is safe if you attack them. They are starting to go after John Stewart also! What's sad is no on is calling them out. When I hear "I want my country back" it really means I don't like a Democratic Black man as President. The coded words are so obvious. And they bristle when you call them out on it.

  • aview999

    A dire warning from someone who'd know:

    From Patrick at PalinGates, which is out of Germany. These people know exactly what is happening here:

    I have witnessed in Germany in 1992/93 how a racist "mass rage" can spin out of control.

    This kind of mass rage can easily happen again in other places as well. All you need is an incident, a reason to ignite the flame. There seems to be already a broad base of people in the USA who are heavily prejudiced against Muslims, and we have seen the first "incidents" against Muslims. What would for example happen if a Muslim "hits back" and hurts a "white person?" Wouldn't that give people a reason to "strike" against the Muslims?

    That's why Glenn Beck's and Sarah Palin's game is so dangerous: If you whip up the masses, you might as well see some (unwanted?) results.