National Journal Hires Major Garrett From Fox


I don't ever watch ClusterFox, so you will have to tell me what impact this will have:

Major Garrett, the chief White House correspondent for Fox News, is quitting his job at the cable news channel after eight years. He is joining National Journal as a Congressional correspondent.

Mr. Garrett’s surprise departure comes just weeks after Fox was moved up to the front row in the White House press briefing room. [...]

He said he looked forward to “discussing my future work on Fox News — keeping in touch with an audience I’ve come to know and cherish.”

How adorable that they referred to them as Fox "News".

So who will fill his seat? Oh my, that sounded wrong.

Mr. Garrett’s last day at Fox will be Sept. 3. The channel said in a news release that its other two White House correspondents, Wendell Goler and Mike Emanuel, would “assume joint coverage of the beat.”

Yeah whatever. Fox, Schmox.

  • I don't watch FixNews at all so this is News 2 me and good for him!

  • nellcote

    National Journal now run by ex-AP Ron Fournier. They're the ones that insist that whoever the Dem presidential nominee is, they're the mostest liberal evah! Garrett will fit right in.

  • MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel

    It seems to me that Major Garrett is trying to resurrect his career by joining a quality publication with actual, real, live, journalistic standards. Even if he makes less money at National Journal, Garrett can shed his Fox taint...