Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Moves to Abu Dhabi, Records Say


Blackwater is up for sale, its top guys are facing criminal charges, and what does its founder do? Skedaddle to Abu Dhabi. Wouldn't anyone?

Mr. Prince, a former member of the Navy Seals and an heir to a Michigan auto parts fortune, left the country after a series of civil lawsuits, criminal charges and Congressional investigations singled out Blackwater or its former executives and other personnel. His company, now called Xe Services, has collected hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States government since 2001.

Current and former colleagues said Mr. Prince hoped to focus on security work from governments in Africa and the Middle East. They also said he was bitter about the legal scrutiny and negative publicity his company had received.

He needs a break from America,” said one colleague, speaking only on the condition of anonymity about Mr. Prince’s long-rumored move.

Let me get this straight. Prince Erik is bitter about the bad press his wild little cowboy posse Blackwater/Xe has received because they murdered innocent people, got paid up the wazoo for it, and continue to make kajillions from our government?  Why, the very nerve of the U.S. to look askance at his past deeds!

He needs a break from America? More like America needs a break from him.

In documents filed last week in a civil lawsuit brought by former Blackwater employees accusing Mr. Prince of defrauding the government, Mr. Prince sought to avoid giving a deposition by stating that he had moved to Abu Dhabi in time for his children to enter school there Aug. 15. In the documents filed in federal court in Virginia, Mr. Prince’s lawyers describe Abu Dhabi as Mr. Prince’s place of residence. His deposition is now scheduled to take place there next week, lawyers involved in the case said.

Aside from the fact that no child should be raised by this criminal scumbag anywhere, including Abu Dhabi, good riddance. However, I hope he gets every legal thing he deserves, and that his children find some way to avoid following in their father's footsteps.

Here's a peek at his new home:

While Islam is the main religion, Emaritis have been known for their tolerance; Christian churches, Hindu temples, and Sikh gurdwaras can be found alongside mosques. The country is home to several communities that have faced persecution elsewhere.

I wonder if Prince Erik will protest any new Islamic community centers that might pop up there. Nah. He's sure to feel right at home with the persecuted.

FYI: Here is my Blackwater for Dummeez primer for a refresher course on who these thugs are.

H/t: Harborguy