VIDEO sequel: BP raped the Gulf of Mexico but did they also rape this clean-up worker?


The other day I put up a post entitled "BP Contract Supervisor (former convicted sexual predator) Rapes Clean-Up Worker," thanks to a link I got from Hugh Kaufman (senior policy analyst with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response).

Now we have an excellent video of the CNN report that provides much more heart-wrenching, anger-provoking detail. I'm glad they're airing this repeatedly, but I hope they go further with it.

BP and others need to be held accountable. Among the "others" is a familiar name, Aerotek. And who is Aerotek? Glad you asked.

I posted about them here, thanks to my very own whistleblower, the renowned DeepwaterThroat, Barkway (all my Barkway posts here), who said of the company:

I wondered if the clean-up agencies were still hiring, so I looked up one of the main companies, a top hazardous job company, Aerotek. They are advertising nearly exclusively on websites that cater to Latinos.  That made me ask two things.

One: Are they lumping them in with the  “garbage people” who they referred to as N-words, people who will work for nothing?

Two: Were they hanging out a sign saying, “Illegal immigrants welcome”? Why advertise on those sites, ones that were written in Spanish only?

They’re using prisoners for clean-up so they don’t have to pay them.  Now, if they hire undocumented workers, they won’t need paperwork. They can pull from an army of people. This is a big company, they have offices all over Florida.

Of course, Aerotek passed the buck. "We are not liable,"  they protested. They pointed the finger directly at the Miller Environmental Group, because they hired Aerotek, who then pointed the finger at BP who pointed the finger at...

With all that public finger-pointing, I hope they all paid good corporate money for manicures.

Here's hopes CNN follows up on this report. Skating is not an option for BP, Aerotek, Miller, or anyone we may not yet be aware of.