VIDEO: Tea Party candidate Marg Baker says immigrants should be sent to 1940s style "camps"


Marg Baker got applause for this:

Speaking at a rally sponsored by Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project, GOP state house candidate in Florida, Marg Baker, endorsed building concentration camps for undocumented immigrants.

"They put them in the camps, and they shipped them back. We can do that."

We Dems get howls from the righties when we dare accuse them of Hitleresque policies, posters, comments, references, you name it. Sometimes both sides do go over the top with accusations, and (over)use of the name "Hitler" is often all too casual and inappropriate.

But when a candidate, or anyone for that matter, throws around the idea of building concentration camps, that's going way, way too far.

Once again, the GOP-- the party that wraps itself in the American flag the way Former Half-Gov Shooty McGunHappy wraps herself in wolf pelts-- crosses the line.  Memo to Marg: "Camps" are UN-American. Got that?

Hypocrisy is too weak a word. Despicable is too gentle a description. Seething is too mild an adjective to describe the way I feel.

Here's how she describes her platform:

  • >  >  >  > Issues: <  <  <  < 
  • Laws based on the constitutions
  • Pro Life
  • Ban Earmarks
  • Support Florida Sovereignty--
    HM19 state rights, HB21 state gun rights,

    HJR 37 State health care
  • Illegal aliens: ‘0’ TOLERANCE!!!
  • Reverse legislation on Bullet Train
  • Reduce Property Tax
  • One Day Vote

Update: I just noticed... (not capitalized) "constitutions"?  With an "s"? We have more than one?

  • David, this is why I always liked you.

  • BartM

    Evertime I see a lefty calling Racism I will remind them that Afirmative Action and all their Pet projects are based on race. How would you like it if the right could call you all LOSERS in the media everyday !!!

  • Bart

    Your husband can tell you that freedom is not free. Every nation in the world has borders and expects its neighbors to respect them. Including Mexico where they ask anyone anywhere for documentation.

  • Rand

    FDR the Democrat gave us the camps. I am o.k. with Illegals staying if they start paying their bills. No section 8 housing ,free medical, Food stamps and Social Security benefits and Afirmative Action.

  • You are right.... "despicable" is too gentle a word for this, too polite. My God, the people these tea baggers hold up as candidates to promote! Ugly, insane, racist..... I run out of adjectives.

  • Btw, these are the people who we 'debated' a few months ago at the "Coffee vs. Tea Summit". All part of the South Florida 9/12 Project, some seriously pissed off people. They have members running for the School Board too.
    I have some loopy video from that night 🙂

  • Maritza

    My husband looks very Native/”Indio” (he is) and is a Vietnam Vet so I guess Ms. Baker is the one that should be in that RODEO of clown Immigrants?!

  • I love the "Ban Earmarks" part. I guess she really doesn't want to get any money for Florida. That's fine, i'm sure other states would put it to better use anyway.

    "I'm sorry I can get any more federal money for the important projects we need, I banned earmarks and cant get any Florida specific legislation into bills."

  • It does...but that doesn't excuse the rest of the typos or the crazy. I cruised the website...check out her stance on illegal aliens.

    "Why should we not tolerate illegal aliens? Here are a number of reasons:
    1. They have chosen to ignore our laws. Our country has laws governing the admittance of foreigners into our country including checking for communicable diseases. Illegals have chosen to ignore these laws, which protect the legal citizens.
    2. Illegal weapons trade
    3. Prostitution
    4. Drug trade
    5. And more
    Our lives, our sovereignty and our national security are at stake."

  • THIS "person" floats the boats of the tea party? In fairness..."constitutions" could refer to Florida & United States' Constitutions, maybe? This person is a couple of brain-cells short of dumb.

  • Yay Florida! Back in the running for "We Want To Have The Craziest Politicians Of All Time."

  • David Pettit

    Seems to me that Obama's election has emboldened a lot of racists to crawl out from under their rocks. This you call a post-racial society?