PhotOh! Oh noes! Tea Baggers are "loosing" their "fredoms"!


Two of my favorite Twitter pals, John V. Moore (of Windy City Watch) and Dave von Ebers (of our Refudiate This, Sarah blog and regular Blunt contributor) have been mingling with some of the tea baggiest of the Tea Baggers. They've infiltrated an abysmal effort to rally the tea crazies at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago.

Actually, John called the pathetic little gathering "impotent". How apt.

John and Dave have been kind enough to share a photo with us:

"Loosing" their Constitutional rights and "fredoms"? More like their minds.

The rest of the sign pretty much says it all: "Ignorance isn't bliss, it's dangerous."


Reader jvaun points out something I completely missed through my blurred eyes filled with tears of laughter: "Childen"! Is our childen lurning?

  • KarenJ

    It just goes to show ya. Those two women look fairly intelligent -- evidently you can't tell someone is stupid if they LOOK smart.

  • Dave von Ebers

    Oh, by the way, the lady to the far left, with the pink Palin t-shirt? Underneath “Palin” it says “Babies, Guns and Jesus.” Sweet.

  • davidgs

    Sweet mother of satan! That sign is priceless!! I'm surprised they got ANY words spelled correctly! Can't. Stop. Laughing!!

  • Sweet mother of satan that

  • 42bkdodgr

    I guess they learned their spelling from reading 140 character

  • Parkhillbilly

    Anybody else notice the palin shirt? Taxes guns Jesus classic

  • Dave von Ebers

    When I saw “Loosing our Constitutional Rights” I wanted to shout “Release the Kraken!”

    “Loosing” … “Fredom” … “Childen”: Today’s Trifecta of Stupid.

  • HarborGuy

    “Loosing” their Constitutional rights and “fredoms”?

    And I would say to them...Specifiy!

    Rights and Freedoms under the BushCo. Stain on the Planet?

    Or just the ones under the Ni66er in the White House?
    (I hate to even type it that way...but for my point)

  • mj

    "We're loosing our fredoms!"

    . . . to learn correct spelling . . .

  • I totally missed that. Must add!

  • jvaun

    WTH a "Childen"??