VIDEO: TPC's own BP whistleblower on GritTV with Laura Flanders


Someone finally listened to us, and the someone was the wonderful Laura Flanders her very own self, over at GritTV. Thank you so much, Laura and GritTV for paying attention and for getting Barkway's ("Martha") story out:

"Anything BP does and doesn't do is to preserve their profits and their future ability to operate in the United States, no more, no less." That's according to "Martha," a hazardous waste worker in the Gulf, who joins us via Skype anonymously to report on the conditions workers are facing cleaning up BP's mess.

"Martha" has been reporting on conditions to the blog The Political Carnival, where more of her stories of workers being fired, prisoner labor used in cleanup, improper training and safety conditions, and of course, following the money around the trail of contracts and confusion that is the Gulf Coast post-Deepwater Horizon.

We won't give up on this story until everyone listens to our amazing source, our own "DeepwaterThroat", Barkway.

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