Michele Bachmann hospitalized


Paddy just linked me to this, and asked, "Did she fake it to miss the Blunt fundraiser so as to not piss off Tea Baggers even more?"

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann canceled a scheduled campaign appearance in St. Louis, Mo., Saturday for GOP Senate candidate Roy Blunt after being hospitalized with an undisclosed illness.

Is an undisclosed illness like an undisclosed location? You go there in case of an emergency... ?

According to her office, it was a "sudden illness". Her spokesman refuses to divulge what that sudden illness is. I suspect it has something to do with that cavernous void in her cranium, but that's just me. Oh wait. That isn't sudden, that's chronic.

They say she's well on her way down the road to wellness, so my Official Joke Censor 2000 hasn't kicked in.

The illness kept her from making a trip Saturday morning to Missouri, where she is backing Blunt, a U.S. House member running in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.

Blunt's opponent is backed by the Tea Baggers, including  Not Joe the Not Plumber. Hence, Bachmann riled a few Missouri Tea Potty groups when she decided to pal around with Blunt.

We wish here a speedy recovery.

  • great post. nice read... keep up the good work.

  • Nimmesotan

    Some of us aren't too worried about it. The district that elected her... twice, I believe, is a district full of hicks. Minneapolis, on the other hand, elected the first openly Muslim senator.

  • AmericaWillSurvivetheseLibDems

    God Bless Michelle Bachmann for her service to God and Country!!! Yeah she probably did use that Government Healthcare that the Congress on BOTH SIDES assigned themselves for Life, but it sure wasn't gained at her bequest they did that years ago under a Democratic Congress along with their lifelong retirement, immaterial of their number of years service to Congress. The Tea Party wishes you Michelle a speedy and full recovery.

    God Bless you and America

  • Laur

    Seems to me that she's just covering her ass with the Teabaggers & the RNC at the same time.

  • I'm afraid that a "speedy recovery" will require psychotropic meds.

  • Crazybachmann

    Mental illness I am sure

  • She fell down and hit her head after forgetting to breathe,


    I wish her a speedy recovery too, I mean what would psycho talk on the Ed show be without michele bachmann. I just feel sorry for the people of Mn to have her represent one of their districts so that now the whole state looks bad. Why couldn't Jesse Ventura have run for senate so that his personality could have offset hers

  • Anon

    I hope it is nothing minor!

  • HarborGuy

    Did she use her GOVERNMENT PROVIDED HealthCare for that hospital visit?

    Or…is she going to pay the full, FULL cost of a visit to the hospital? Did she go in via EMERGENCY? Like all those “terrible” ILLEGALS do? And was she admitted? ‘Cause I know that if I went to emergency and was NOT admitted into a hospital room, my insurance would be furious! And ding me up the ass because I didn’t go to some Urgent Care in a KMart (or such) OR just wait weeks to get into my primary!

    Oh my such questions for CrazyShell!

  • Bachmann must have been exhausted from all that crazy-making.

  • Her gangster government supplied health insurance.

  • Its good to see that the very reason for my existence as a blog isn't too sick. I'd actually feel bad if I couldn't see or hear her do something batshit insane on a near daily basis.

  • Bruce Campbell

    Will she be using her government supplied health insurance?

  • Hey, just using the standard line so as to not have to say "I", lol!

  • DSG

    We wish her a speedy recovery? What's this "we" stuff?