Video- Memo to Media: Obama is not "the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show"

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But it won't count because only us DFH's are talking about it. No mention by Wingers, it never happened. Oh look, wonder how easy it was for Media Matters to find this?

In 2004, Bush appeared on daytime talk show Dr. Phil. In 2004, President Bush and his wife appeared on Phil McGraw's daytime talk show, Dr. Phil. The Washington Post reported on September 29, 2004, that "[w]ith 'Family First' the title of McGraw's most recent book, he has promised both candidates the questions would be limited to family-oriented topics" and noted that the segment would air during the afternoon hours.

Probably as easy as it was for me to find this and the video. Teh Googlez is amazing.

Dr. Phil McGraw, accompanied by his wife Robin, sat down with President and Laura Bush in the living room of the first couple's Crawford, Texas, ranch for Wednesday's installment of the Dr. Phil daytime TV show.

The hour, which emitted a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, dealt with such family matters as whether children should be spanked – now-22-year-old twin daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush were not – while it consciously sidestepped such harsh campaign issues as Iraq and the economy.

  • Allison

    What is "DFH"?

  • kimbutgar

    I have no problem with President Obama being overexposed with an entire network devoted 24/7 trying to destroy him and distort the vision he has for America the more media exposure the better. And honestly in this 24 hours pundit crazy media environment did you not expect them to not criticize? If Obama farted they would go into a frenzy about that fart. Was the fart juicy? was it made intentionally? did the fart smell? did the fart cause air pollution? I could just see Pox in a frenzy over this!