VIDEO: Worst GOP v. GOP attack ad ever


My Twitter pal Pushingrope linked me to this poor excuse for an attack ad. Pushingrope tweeted:

The Bill McCollum gubernatorial campaign is broke and spent money on a Rick Rolled ad. The staffer who came up with this idea should never work in politics again.


Who knew Disco was making a comeback?

Oh wait. It isn't.

By the way, the Demon Sheep ad is tied for first place with this one.

H/t: pushingrope

  • I can not imagine that the idiot who cobbled up that mess actually went to the trouble to seek permission to use copyrighted material for what has to be one of the worst campaign ads ever.

  • : )

  • Clever Video

    Might be more clever than you think:

  • Rick Astley should sue and don't ask me how I know that song despite only being 3 and a half when it came out.