VIDEO- Sherrod Watch: Howard Dean calls Fox News "absolutely racist"


Last night at Netroots Nation, a video was played that included President Obama, a host of politicians, and Howard Dean. Dean got the most robust, enthusiastic response from the audience than anyone else.  His forthrightness and progressive ideas are more welcome than ever these days.

Here's what he said today on Fox News [sic] Sunday:

“Let’s just be blunt about this … I think Fox News did something that was absolutely racist... They've been pushing a theme of black racism, this phony Black Panther crap, and this business... and Sotomayor and all this other stuff... The Republican party has got to stop appealing to its racist fringe..."

Then Chris Wallace cut him off insisting that he deal with "inconvenient things" called facts. He told Dean that Shirely Sherrod's name had never been mentioned on ClusterFox until after she was fired.


"Fox News was not blameless during this.. [Did the clip of the white farmer] ever play on Fox News?"

Wallace couldn't answer that. Dean went on to say the Obama administration made a mistake, but...

"I'm not gonna let the right wing press off the hook on this...."

Wallace again emphasized ClusterFox's timing. Dean countered that it didn't matter whether the clip was played before or after she was fired. The edited clip was played, and the remarks were taken out of context.

Dean also agreed with Newtie that the NAACP was wrong.

However, Newtie went on to pull out that old chestnut, if the Obama administration was that frightened by Glenn Beck, how will they deal with the Iranians?

Nice try.


    Yeah I love this comment, the deer in the head lights look was on wallace, because he wasn't expecting to have to defend his channels racism. I mean you call howard dean on and you expect him not to go after you for basically attacking a decent human being with lies. With the constant meme of black racist, to not even have the white farmer on.

    Yup I saw four eyes trapped in headlights and they were both in the studio, and love the name yup you really want to be taken seriously anywhere with a name like that.


    Seeing right wing reactions I see why it has and will continue to be so hard to actually have a unified america. That fox did something racist isn't a problem, that newt only agreed with the NAACP when they condemned other black people isn't a problem that Dean called fox news racist oh thats the problem.

    Yeah being called out for racism is the problem.

  • I am not sure who they are playing to anymore. They have run the word “racist” into the ground, and it really means absolutely nothing to most people at this point. Yet they play it like it’s some sort of trump card.

  • dead cracker baby

    Oh my God. This was awesome. Gotta love the deer in the headlights look 'ol Howie had. Is this actually the best and brightest the left has? Was entertaining this a.m. Thanks dims.

  • I used to like Chris Wallace. I can't remember when that was. Maybe someday I'll like him again. When he gets his nose out of Murdoch's ass!