Special to TPC- Follow the oil money: "This cleanup employment situation gets stinkier with every passing week."


My Twitter pal and part-time whistleblower Barkway does it again. She just sent me this:

Are you watching the CNN Special on Gulf? Did you see the "P2S" logo on CNN guy, Rob Marciano's oil spill work crew uniform? Guess who that is? Subsidiary of Fluor. Guess who THEY are?

And they have the BP contract for oil cleanup....ergo BP is essentially paying an industry colleague the contract money (and I bet dimes to donuts BP gets some of that money BACK from Fluor in some sort of in-kind arrangement). The unemployed they hire from state unemployment agencies are just the pawns in this money shuffle, and hey make for good PR.

Not to mention there is a company going around the Gulf states by the name of PECPremier claiming that THEY are responsible for the BP cleanup training when this document says otherwise:

Yet PECPremier claims they were contracted with directly by DeepWater Horizon.

This cleanup employment situation gets stinkier with every passing week. There are layers of players here and money exchanging hands we have yet to discover and that I'm sure the public is never meant to know about.

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