Florida church's "International Burn a Koran Day" follows "No Homo Mayor" protest


I love an invigorating holiday, don't you? Whether it's Halloween or Passover, I'm always up for a celebration, bonfire, or special fancy dinner. Who wouldn't be? Even Bank Holiday Weekend in England had its moments.

But who could ever imagine the sheer joy that decorating for "International Burn a Koran Day" would bring?

A Florida church called the Dove World Outreach Center, in keeping with its pledge to "stand up for righteousness," is hosting "International Burn a Koran Day" on September 11. But only after the "No Homo Mayor" protest next month.

I'm all a-tingle with anticipation. Pastor Terry Jones, in all his preachy churchiness, is such a saint for bringing these events to our attention.

In fact, I simply must get my festive Burn a Koran cards sent out immediately. I'd hate to be tardy.

On August 2nd, Jones is holding a protest against the mayor of Gainesville, the "No Homo Mayor Protest." And church member Fran Ingram will tell you why:

What is homosexuality? Detestable, indecent, wicked, offensive, perverted, shameful, unnatural, degrading, impure, futile, foolish, godless, dishonorable, a lie.

I'll start making my detestable, indecent, wicked, offensive, perverted, shameful, unnatural, degrading, impure, futile, foolish, godless, dishonorable, a lie signs in a jif.

In fact, I'll text all my detestable, indecent, wicked, offensive, perverted, shameful, unnatural, degrading, impure, futile, foolish, godless, dishonorable, a lie gay chums and invite them over to lend a hand!

The more the detestable, indecent, wicked, offensive, perverted, shameful, unnatural, degrading, impure, futile, foolish, godless, dishonorable, a lie, the merrier!

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  • Roy Rahmat

    In my opinion, the Pastor is not making this day in the name of his God believing. But more of personal victory and popularity. Islam doesn't teach us to disrespect other religion. Instead Muhammad (SAW) encourage us to work hand in hand with all mankind. if you read the Al Quran and with a proper Teacher who understand the word of the Al Quran then you will not misunderstood. Even we Muslim , we still seek for guidance from an expert when it come to interpretation of the Al Quran. Lets not condemn any other religion but respect and tolerate them. The reason why there are so many religion in this world is because God permit it. We human are suppose to look for the right one for us to believe there is a God. As Muslim , we believe that book of God are Taurat, Zabur, Injil and finally Al Quran. I m sure you recognise those book too. Wasallam.

  • Pig
  • Amifer

    By burning the Koran, you are showing the world you are just ignorant pigs! It was not all Islamics who terrorized you so you are wrong in blaming the entire religion! This is pure racism and i'm so glad I am not an american!

  • cz

    he got full support from me!!!!!!

  • JMK72865

    If I had a Koran, I would burn it, piss on it, spit on it- and I'd film it and put it on YouTube.

    For the Record, I am not a Xian or a Muslim. But I am becomming intollerant of Islam, because their religion supposedly offers them greater rewards and a higher place in "heaven" for killing infidels- which is anyone who is not a Muslim. This is why these people think nothing of killing children or other innocent people. Islam is a religion of haters. There are 2 kinds of Muslims; there are Radicals and Moderates. We see what the radicals do- and guess who they are supported by? That is correct; the so-called "peaceable" Moderates.

    Push them back and let them know they are NOT GOING TO TAKE OVER AMERICA the way they have nearly taken over EUROPE, -- their goal is to make EUROPE into EURABIA by the year 2020 and so far they are right on track with their agenda to subdue the world and kill all the infidels in the name of Allah.

    You can not be "politically correct" and appease the people of this hate filled religion. You can not love them, understand them, appeal to them or placate them in any way. The only thing any non muslim can do for one of them is to DIE for them and to take as many other "infidels" with you as possible.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    Atheist don't have to lift a finger to make religion look bad. Religious "leaders" are doing a fantastic job all by themselves. Did this jerkoff burn bibles when Timothy McVeigh (a Catholic) blew up the Murrah bldg in OKC? What amazes me; no, sickens me, is how many self-described "Christians" spend all of their time and effort living in the Torah, instead of living the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am NOT an atheist, yet, but it seems that as more and more people like this "Reverend" Jones spew their dogma of hate, I am becoming more and more of one.
    As for the so-called "Ground-Zero Mosque", has OKC torn down every fertilizer supply store and/or Catholic church in the city limits?
    Where's the condemnation FROM Christians for "Christians" who murder people to "defend the unborn"?

  • Me

    Just deserts have arrived. Pastor Jones is heading to jail for child molestation. Ironic that a man that wants to burn the Koran will now burn in hell for his crimes against children. A religion (Islam) feared by a child molester (Pastor Jones) must have more than a few good things to say.


  • joe

    where is Obama and his peace prize?? he needs to stop this before it causes more violence


    pastor terry jones is a pig of world and another world worst

  • Just a way to show all Christians don't think that way. I'm sure the vast majority of Christians in the world, and even in America, are against this horrendous and completely anti-Christian initiative, we can prove it if this group reaches more members than the International Burn a Koran Day page. Please join.


    We won't burn a Koran, because Jesus wouldn't have done it !!!

    Muslims are also welcome, if they want to discuss in a respectful way (but all agressive/disrespectful posts will be deleted, no matter who posts them).

    Our way to spell Islam : I Sincerely Love All Muslims


    Philip from France

  • Manfrompalestine

    I'm an atheist live in Gaza Strip, and I'm so happy with this news I hope they will burn koran , the book of terrorism... if they would do that they would save alot of lives that that book going to kill by inciting muslims....
    I wish I can someday burn koran here in Gaza in Omar Al Mokhtar Street in the middle of Gaza....
    Please convey my kind regards to USA ppl

  • Amanda

    Atheists don't have to make religion look like a horrible thing, the religious do that for us.

  • Rennockram


  • Anon

    "Many times religious people are fooled into doing things for the people higher up in society who understand religion can be used to control masses."

    That is exactly why (organized) religion is a horrible thing. Thank you for proving the point.

  • Guy

    i don't understand why so many athiests are so obsessed with making religion look like a horrible thing. What is their obsession with something they don't believe in? They act like the same people who criticize them for being athiest. Its almost like a cult. Obviously this guy is doing something against any religious teaching, but just cause he is a Christian doesn't mean you can bash religion. I mean money makes people do all sorts of horrible things, why don't you guys stop using it? and BTW, most religious wars have very little to do with religion. Many times religious people are fooled into doing things for the people higher up in society who understand religion can be used to control masses. If you are so "educated" and "civilized" then you surely understand this.

  • Anonymous

    As much as it makes me smile to see the Koran Burning like any other religious text, it saddens me that this is a churches idea of getting out there making a name for themselves and kinda copy the idea of draw Muhammad day on an extremist side. These people are no better than the people they are attacking.

  • Ry

    On behalf of all the Christians out there who really follow the word of God, I am sorry for this man and what he is doing. This is not how the Bible teaches us to act. This man discusts me and he is the reason what so many people Hate the Christian faith. Sorry everyone for this evil man.

  • Foolishbastard

    Let's bring bibles to burn!!!

  • Yo mamma

    Excuse me but this isn't what Christianity is about. Heck, this might as well be a satanist cult. Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and talked with the gays. He never struck them down he helped them out of they're problems in life.

  • paggypow

    Dude, no way man thats just way too cool!


  • AA

    Thanks to this pastor and any like him, society in many states of USA are perfect mirrors of fundamentalist 3rd. world countries, which are perfect oil reserves for US to wage war on. I mean after the economic downfall it was pretty evident that USA wasn't really a part of the civilized western world but infact just another nation, which witnessed a situational boom mostly due to war time policies. Burning any sort of book is just burning your US's image in the world scene.

  • murrayc

    I'm all for burning religious texts - but it is our (re: atheists) hope that people come to their senses and burn their OWN religious texts and start living a civilized lifestyle instead of going out of your way to p!ss people off (Coulter, O'Reilly, Beck, Hanity, - I'm looking at YOU b@astards)

  • Marcel Newsome

    yes - this is exactly what Christ would do - just after bombing an abortion clinic and filling out his teabag registration card. thats the faith I'm proud to be part of.

  • Kylea Wilkinson

    The sad thing is that they are getting press for this behavior.

  • Guest

    Ah. Americans. The most civilised nation on planet is taking more measures to protect its citizens!

  • Some sense

    This is great. Hopefully if all the deluded individuals, sorry I mean, "the religious" start burning each others books, we'll have less of these hateful pieces on literature on the planet.

    Keep the flames of reason alive 😉

  • I love it: The memeplexes are frakin each other for dominance. They prosper because of people like this who have weak cognitive protoplasm that gets easily infected with any random popular concept that projects disruptive affects onto others. Let's have Memeplexfrak Mud Wrestling Day.

  • I need to make a t-shirt. I mean, really, that says it all, doesn't it?