AUDIO- Michele Bachmann: Subpoena, baby, subpoena!


President Obama wants to look forward, not back, especially when it comes to investigating the Bush crime family. However, Michele "Tea Potty Caucus Queen" Bachmann is revving up for a few legal maneuvers should the GOP win big in November. That's right, America, helping this country get back on its feet is taking a back seat to subpoena, baby, subpoena.

Via Think Progress:

...Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) spoke to the GOP Youth Convention in Washington:

See, this is what you do when you have no policy ideas, no plans to improve the economy, health care, or, well, anything else.  All Rushpublics want to do is repeal and subpoena. In fact, if they regain power, their only plan is to revert back(wards) to those fine BushCo days from which we all benefited so richly.

Well, the rich benefited richly. The rest of us are unemployed.

  • Marnie

    But these types of maneuvers, like the barrage against ACORN are intended to impoverish the victim. And if an independent prosecutor is assigned it puts tens of thousands of tax payer dollars into the hands or Republican lawyers and their staffs and agents, who then return a portion in tax deductible political donations.

    Most of what was done to Bill Clinton was a scam to enrich Republicans and to weaken his political clout after his term was over by emptying his pockets.

    One of Duhbya’s first Congressional acts was farm aid that was PR’d to be for small farmers. In Texas 90% of the tax payer money in that program went to 3 huge Agribusinesses which had supported Duhbya, and raised thousands of dollars for hem, undoubtedly with the expectation that a % would come back to the Bush Mafia.

    The RepoCons have become experts at funding their party with tax payer money.

    One of the nice things about the dumber Republican pols, like Bachmann, is that they are actually, unintentionally honest. They want to show off and in doing so let lots of dirty little secrets and plans out. It is up to the Spineless Dim and the rest of us to catch the hint and be forewarned.