VIDEO: Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacks Shirley Sherrod to her face on The View


Earlier I posted a liveblog of Shirley Sherrod's wonderfulness as she appeared on The View.

Now you can see for yourself as you witness Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Not Wonderfulness.

H/t: Windy City Watch

  • Egw7777

    There was nothing unfair about the questions. What is unfair is Joy always interrupting her or anyone that has a conservative view. I do not know why Elizabeth stays on this show in the first place because Whoppi makes fun of her acting like a valley girl, Joy just makes fun and argues with her and everybody and whose views are so narrow who cares what she thinks. Sherri, I though when she kept filling in as a guest host that she was going to be great. She seemed so sweet and always tried to stop the fighting between Joy and Elizabeth. After she got the gig permanently and all that went out the door. She turned into Joy, Jr. Barbara just cannot be forgiven for running Ricky Martin in his prime with all his wonderful singing and entertaining and the shows that he and all his dancers put on were just great and made you want to dance. I miss him entertaining us. But Barbara had to push for an answer and do you remember his face. She just hurt him and hurt us because we do not care what he does in his personal life. Whoppi upset me when she made such a big deal out of the "N" word. That they can use it and we can't. That I thought everyone knew that by now. Although those that came up with listening to Richard Pryor were a little confused about it. But I understood we are not suppose to use it but things got a little out of hand when Whoppi kept repeating it that day. I have since stopped watching the show. Instead I watch America's Newsroom.

  • Japanesespeed

    Hasselbeck is an idiot. She doesn't deserve to be even breathing the same air as Shirley Sherrod. That much is crystal clear.

  • Bevmolina_foronda

    EH should be fired. She is antagonizing guests of the show.

  • Dragondude40

    Elisabeth is a roadside attraction... she is not even worth listening too.

  • Mabailey

    I stop looking at the VIEW because of the her. She a racist bigot...

  • bison1

    Sherrod was suggesting that clamor against health care reform was, due in part, because Obama was a black president. Even though health care reform would help white and black people, wittingly or unwittingly some people who were against health care reform were against it because Obama was black.

  • bison1

    This is what I thought! She was a political appointee, not a civil service employee. As a civil service employee, she could not have been asked to resign on the spot. There is more of a process for the dismissal of civil service employees. This is why Cheney converdict political appointee positions to civil service positions.

  • Msevang20

    Hasselbeck Fails at "Gotcha Journalism"

  • Ycir3

    As Obama said about his Grandmother "Typical White Woman" this is just a typical black woman sucking up her 15 mins of fame. She is truly a racist thinking how great she can pull the wool over our eyes.

  • Just for the record, Sherrod is considered a Less Restricted Federal Employee. Under the Hatch act she may:
    "express opinions about candidates and issues"

  • Just for the record, Sherrod is considered a Less Restricted Federal Employee. Under the Hatch act she may:
    "express opinions about candidates and issues"

  • Just for the record, Sherrod is considered a Less Restricted Federal Employee. Under the Hatch act she may:
    "express opinions about candidates and issues"

  • Oh, yeah: P.S. - Hasselbeck is an idiot.

  • The last three ginned-up right-wing "scandals" have been the New Black Panther Party (scary black guys), scary and offensive Muslims trying to build a mosque at ground zero as part of a much-larger community center, and racists at the NAACP. Is there a theme?

    Naaaah. Probably just a coincidence.

  • AnaBanana1792128

    I second that. Shirley for Senate!

  • Luci

    Elizabeth sure made Shirley look classy, cool, and collected.

  • She IS an abdominal cramp...

  • Gmo418

    Hasselbeck is a perfect representative for the common ignorant conservative talking mouth of stupidity. Shirley had to try hard not to totally roll her eyes at that stupid clown. It is laughable that Hasselbeck even has a clue of the plight of poor people. Like Palin thought shes a air headed conservative who can spout talking points with no analyzes or substance. Boy do they love people like that

  • I love how Sherrod looks at Hasselbeck like 'sweet Jesus, you're stupid.' You can almost feel her holding in the sigh and the facepalm.

    Of course, Hasselbeck is doing it on purpose in an effort to try to make a point, but it's still priceless.

  • Leggink

    Sherrod for Senate!

  • I'll tell you what, that Shirley Sherrod is not someone a sane person would want to mess with, Hasselbeck suffered a major smackdown at Ms. Sherrod's hands.

  • Why is she still on this show? Get her off; she's disgusting.

  • Hasselbeck gives me abdominal cramps.

  • Crystalwolfakacalifgrl

    I can't stand that hasselbitch...all con women have Big mouths, bumpits and pop out kids like freakin' rabbits!

  • HarborGuy

    ...all it took was to hear the voice of Elisabeth "Shrill" Hasselbeck (my Mom, yes, my Mom lives with me [at age 89], was watching) start in to Sherrod with that SHRILLLLL conservaturd voice...and I turned on Larry Mantle LOUD so that I couldn't hear.

    HasselBECK is such the maroon. I feel sorry for her kids.