VIDEO: Matalin says "Tea Bag people", Carville cracks up, Mary stomps off


"Tea Bag people"? Really? Well, well, Matalin used the TB word.

Warning, Mary! Tea Bagger retaliation afoot!

And her tantrum-slash-stomping off when Mr. Mary couldn't contain his laughter was priceless. We can only imagine what goes on at home.

  • Luci

    Haha! That was funny. Thanks.

  • mellowjohn

    james, you ain't gettin' any when you get home. (that said, these have to be two of the most unattractive people (both physically and spiritually) on the face of the earth. it's a good thing they're married to each other, because otherwise they'd be making two other innocent people miserable.)

  • Too funny - but those two must have great make-up sex. Otherwise - why?!

  • katchoo1

    aah it was all a big setup for their roleplaying scene later. Mary is gonna strap on the leather corset and high heels and show Jim just what happens to bad boys who laugh at their mistresses.

  • bellamom

    LOL - that must happen all the time in their house. But, seriously, does anyone understand what Carville (Mr. Mary) was saying? His accent is super-strong these days.