VIDEO- Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Witch hunt v. Sherrod



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  • Nubiastar

    get over it! obama has done more then any president in 60yrs he is doing the best he can...they are throwing everthing at him in hopes he will fail or give in

  • Hill, that was remarkably touching. Thank you.

  • If you haven't seen Rachel Maddows show last night - watch it. She went head on at Fox for their deliberate race baiting by using manufactured stories - ACORN, Van Jones, the NBPP and Shirley Sherrod. See the common denominator.

    Watch it, it's worth your time.

  • HarborGuy

    Laffy...Thank you so much for posting this.

    I, like the other posters, felt so "moved" by this...I set a timer to watch it during the second run.

    I am SO furious the way this was handled...and now of course, all the focus will still be on the White House and Dems, when it should go balls-out towards FakeNews and the SCUM Breitbart.

  • Shellee

    Wonderful Wonderful...unfortunately he's preaching to the choir. Been fired up all day about this. Am so disappointed in Obama. He once was my hero.

  • Bmanageronduty

    Bravo Keith. I only wish the right wingnuts would listen to you instead of Glen Beck(clown), Sarah Palin(idiot), and all the other fools that believe there garbage. I too cheered. Thank You.

  • hilltophereford

    Agree and agree. Bravo Keith! ...and I think we are two of many. All of us need to remember to 'consider the source' - vet the material - and refrain from knee jerk commentary and reaction.

  • PhillyBella

    I also stood up and cheered. I think I held my breath when I wasn't applauding. I was shocked when he called Obama "above it all". I understand that he is trying to be president of all the people, but he truly is allowing our chance, our agenda, our turn, so to speak, to be diluted. Shirley Sherrod was fired because Glenn Beck had a story to run and it had to be done before he went on air? Without checking facts? We are allowing the rwnjs to manipulate us? BRAVO Keith Olbermann! I stand with you my friend hilltophereford. It'a time for us to wake up!

  • hilltophereford

    I was unable to view Countdown at the scheduled time so I thank you for posting this so I could see and hear it 'first hand'. I watched Keith Olbermann deliver his comments alone in my office. At one point I startled myself by standing up and cheering. I continued to listen trying to not cheer lest I miss the next word. The final few words spoken directly to Shirley Sharrod literally brought me to tears. I am 71 years old. I seldom cry. I NEVER stand up and cheer while alone in my office. I cannot imagine how anyone could have listened to this segment of Countdown and not had the same reaction.

  • He so damned right.