Federal judge: Stop all oil, gas drilling on Chukchi Sea in Alaska; environmental laws not followed


Boo. Hoo:

A federal judge on Wednesday stopped companies from developing oil and gas wells on billions of dollars in leases off Alaska's northwest coast, saying the federal government failed to follow environmental law before it sold the drilling rights.

The judge said that Minerals Management Service didn't analyze the effects of natural gas development on the environment. Gee, that rings a bell.

"Gasland" anyone?

[U.S. District Judge Ralph] Beistline enjoined all activity under the lease sale pending additional environmental reviews.

I love this judge. This is a good judge. This is a judge who clearly knows what he's doing.

Three exploratory wells were supposed to be drilled in the Chukchi Sea this summer. Darn. Big Oil/Gas will have to find other pristine areas to devastate.

If something were to go wrong up there where the water is icy, the nearest Coast Guard base is over 1000 miles away, and deep water ports and airports are nowhere to be found, it would be nearly impossible to clean up.

Of course, Beistline must be a liberal activist judge who hates America. I'm nearly sure of that.