BP blocks wildlife organizations. IBRRC to whistleblower: "You're just not a very nice person."


I got a tweet from my pal Barkway today:

If the name Barway sounds familiar, it's because I've written three posts about the appalling stories she's shared with me about BP's shabby treatment of the Gulf clean-up workers. You can read them here.

After Barkway tweeted me, she followed up with these messages. I haven't edited a thing:

Don't know they're sitting on this, or the revelation about nightime animal reconnaisance teams:remove dead B4 media can see

They deleted it when another tweeter asked if that's how a proffesional org responds to criticism.Luckily I RT'd it so have copy!Sending...

I asked her if I could quote her verbatim. She messaged me:

Sure you can quote me. I am in this for truth and have nothing to hide

Here is the tweet from IBRRC & my response. They are Tri State Bird's partner and PR mouthpiece. TriStateBird has exclusive BP contract & have blocked hundreds of other wildlife orgs from helping. @Seabirdrescue was an Australian group brought here & trained by BP (!) Who sent them to TriState for deployment & TriState blew them off so they left & went back to Aus!

And @SaveOurSeabirds is Lee Fox's organization in FL. They too were called by BP and told to be on standby for deployment. Lee has even been on MSM talking about the spill and effects on wildlife but TriStateBird blew her off as well. The generally accepted reason among wildlife paraprofessionals is that TriState wants to keep all the BP contract money for themselves (never learned to share I guess!)

To say the least.

BP is in the middle of one big CYA P.R. campaign. They're getting a lot of press right now due to the temporary fix that has stopped the Oil Volcano from gushing into the ocean. They're airing ad after self-congratulating ad (follow P.R. campaign link) bragging about how they're doing everything they can because, you know, they care.

Yes, they care... about nothing but their bottom line. Profit trumps people. Profit trumps health. Profit trumps life.

And if the BP saga isn't enough to convince you that these corporations are about nothing but money, watch Gasland.  Please. Please.