VIDEO: World Net Daily's Very Unfunny Comedian


I used to be part of a comedy duo back when. We performed at all the major clubs, did a little TV, and rubbed shoulders with just about every comedian in L.A.

I learned a lot about comedy doing that, a whole lot. Of course, I've devoted my entire adult life to comedy. I've performed it, written and directed it (for some pretty amazing performers, some of them even famous), and taught it.

With a career like that under my belt, I feel I have some standing to opine on what is funny and what isn't. This isn't.

At all:

Someone tell me, please, where are the laughs? I've looked high and low (mostly low), yet, somehow, have failed to find them. I guess I'll look again later, if I have the stomach for it.

Nah, never mind.

As "Molotov Mitchell" herself said, "Too late!"

H/t: My dear buddy CindyScott54

  • Its the Libertarians who spend their money on hookers & pot.

  • Luci

    See, she does not even know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ paid his taxes without complaint, fed the hungry,healed the sick(free of charge) and encouraged His disciples to do likewise. He would definitely not fit in today's Republican party.

  • Bmanageronduty

    she's about as funny as a toothache.

  • RWNJ "humor." Need I say more?

  • Tony61

    Stunningly unfunny