"Leave the death machine at home (where your 9-year-old can kill his 2-year-old brother with it)."


Via L.A. Times letters to the editor:

Rights, and wrongs

Re "Bearing arms, citing rights," and "Boy, 9, kills brother, 2," July 11

Let's call the members of the "open carry" movement, who promote the right to carry guns in public, what they are: selfish and egotistical. They love the attention they get walking the streets with a pistol on their hip, and they don't give a damn if it frightens people like me and my kids.

I'm sure it makes you feel real big to parade around showing off your power to kill, but to those of us who don't live in your imaginary Deadwood, it's scary and disturbing. And please stop telling us that you are making the streets safer. If we want your help fighting crime, we'll ask you.


On the first page of the California section of Sunday's Times, there is a report about a group seeking broader acceptance of guns in public.

Inside the section, on Page 39, the Times reports that a boy killed his young brother by shooting him accidentally.

Enough said.


So, let's skip the first problem for a minute — which is that nobody really wants to go to the beach if there are people carrying weapons around — and just pose a question to the proponents of open carry:

How would you guys feel if, say, a few carloads of Crips showed up right next to your beach BBQ, all sporting guns, with ammo on the other hip?

And what do you suppose might happen around sundown after everybody had a little too much to drink and a little too much of the other guys' music?

Guns are for killing. When you go to the beach, take a surfboard, take a Frisbee, take a guitar or take a California girl. Leave the death machine at home (where your 9-year-old can kill his 2-year-old brother with it).

  • Sighko1

    I was pretty sure the article said a gang carrying weapons openly.

    Plus are you saying that if we have an open carry law, we should have a low guaranteeing people don't drink? Or do we people just to have guns in public and hope that no one drinks. Or are we saying its OK to have guns and public, and ok to drink we just hope no one gets stupid.

    The silliness of your argument is disconcerting. I am hoping I am responding a troll and that is not your actual logic.

  • VIVA! 1070

    Sounds like someone woke up on the anti-gun side of the bed. How do you equate someone legally open carrying with a violent gang that is illegally concealed carrying? Lessee, after sundown I'm guessing that the gang members might be drinking, but I personally know no one who will take a drink while carrying. Do you?
    And to paint open carryers as selfish and egotistical is using a pretty broad brush. You don't know their situation. I