Home again, home again


I have never been so happy to be home. If you've been following my Big Road Trip From Hell, you know why. Allow me to update, for those of you who are keeping track. The rest of you, those who have no interest in the epilogue, please feel free to ignore the next part of the post.

I recovered from the food poisoning relatively quickly, slept on and off for about a day, stayed off the computer, managed to get my Countdown and Rachel Maddow fix, fell back into my coma, and finally woke up yesterday, crawled to the rental car bright and early, and dozed off again as Mr. Laffy drove us to Fresno to pick up the NaughtyMobile.  Counting towing, repair, rental fees, and the unplanned Cowschwitz-adjacent hotel stay, the NaughtyMobile racked up $800 + above and beyond what we had planned to spend on the trip.

The next step is to consult with our own mechanic to see if we need to order the $1000 part they spoke of in Fresno.  I cannot tell you how excited we are, especially since I am now unemployed. Weeee!

Sidebar: Trying to type anything on a ten-inch notebook using an infuriatingly slow connection while on vacation is not recommended.

So yes, I am thrilled to be home. However, I understand I've missed a few Big Doin's during my time away.

For example, LeBron James was all over the news! Wow! What a story! Apparently, it was such a HUGE, IMPORTANT one that it eclipsed nearly everything else in the whole wide world for at least one news cycle. Why, everyone was so worried and fretty about LeBron and his big fat new contract that all those BP thugs with all their BP thug money nearly got lost in the shuffle. What about their contracts? What about all the unemployed, suffering Gulf Coasters' contracts? What about the contract the GOBP seems to have out... on America?

I also heard a little something about Barbie McLipSchmutz and pink elephants. I found that "highly" appropriate (pun intended). If only Barbie her own self had been a national alcohol-induced hallucination, we'd all be better off... and the hangover would be well worth it.

And how about that court decision allowing deep water drilling to continue? Chalk one up for Big Oil Connected Judges! No judicial activism there, right GOBP? Earth, environment? Pfft! Money trumps nature, people, health, safety... Drill, baby, drill.

I now have to go read up on today's news. From what I've seen of yesterday's and the day before's, I was better off not knowing.

And a HUGE thank you to Karl Knox, Clancy, Cliff Schecter, and Jason Leopold for helping Paddy hold down the fort while I tried to get away from it all. Ha.

Now I need a vacation from my vacation.