From the Dep't. of Say Good Night, Sean: Utah radio station dumps Hannity


Sean Hannity's getting kicked off a Salt Lake City radio station KSL in October.

Apparently (per the mission statement of Deseret Media), it seems he didn't "disseminate light and knowledge" or promote "integrity, civility, morality, and respect for all people."

Sean Hannity uncivil? Disrespectful? Immoral? Why, this is simply shocking. He's always come across as the perfect gentleman.

The announcement comes after speculation that Hannity's on-air style was not in line with Deseret Media Company's mission statement that calls for civility and other ethical stances.

Hannity has often been accused of being less than civil by his adversaries.

Those pesky family values just keep getting in the way, don't they Sean? Or maybe you just wore the wrong kind of underwear.

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H/t: Think Progress

  • sunny loss really...he's going over to another station and we'll just switch stations to hear him.
    So, Deseret Media loses not us. There is nothing they will put in his time slot that will interest us. Hannity is probably one of the most civil commentators out there. We love Beck and Rush too.

    All in all this is least for now, and DM is free to do as they please. Good luck