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Overnight Distraction- Photos of Chelsea's Wedding (you know you want to see)


Total credit for pics to AP.


PhotOh! President Obama's Mandal Scandal


Kidding! It's not really a scandal. But it is a scandalette. A scandalina. A scandalita. Because, come on Prez O, you are cooler than this:

More at The Gawker.


Election 2010 Watch: VIDEO- Who the heck is Michigan's Lance Enderle?


I just got off the phone with a someone I could have hung out with for hours. He owns a golden retriever he calls "Dude", he is a 6th-12th grade social studies teacher going for his masters in special ed at Michigan State, and as lay back and wickedly funny as he is, he's dead serious about representing the people of Michigan's 8th district.

And when I say people I mean people. Not corporations. Not BP. Not K Street. Not like Republican Mike Rogers, the incumbent, who really ought to give the HBO movie "Gasland" a little look-see.

This Congressional race has a very, well, "different" back story that you can read at Crooks and Liars here. But he's not concerned with that at the moment.

As he reminded me, he is not a politician, he is a citizen... and an idealist. Remember those?

He has no PAC, and he depends on no special interests.  He's not your typical candidate, and most certainly not a packaged product. Maybe that's why the press is ignoring him, with the exception of one AP reporter... and the Blogosphere.

Lance Enderle's is a campaign of the people. He can't stress that enough. And he emphasized that this is the first time in his lifetime that he has witnessed such a campaign of the people.

"I'm living the dream, in a sense. It's a privilege to say I did this for the right reasons... I'm a Progressive idealist."

That's not something you hear from a Congressional candidate every day.

After talking to him for quite awhile, I could easily draw parallels to Rep. Alan Grayson. IMHO, Enderle could very well become the new most dangerous man in Washington. Sort of an Alan Grayson with a James Earl Jonesish voice.

What we have here is a man who isn't running as if he's already planning for re-election, but someone with solutions to problems that affect the state on a federal level. Someone who cares. Someone who sounds like us. Someone with a golden retriever named Dude.

Watch and learn:

Please feel free to donate at Lance's ActBlue page here.

You can find Lance's official website here. Here's a sample:

The Democratic Primary takes place on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010.

As of today, the only name that will appear on the August 3rd Democratic Party Primary Ballot for Michigan's 8th District is Kande Ngalamulume...who dropped out of the race on June 7th.

The deadline to enter the primary has passed. So, unless a "write-in" candidate gets more votes than Mr. Ngalamulume in the Democratic Primary, Incumbent Republican Mike Rogers will run unopposed in the November general election.

After a long dark decade of living in "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood", the good people of Michigan's 8th District deserve much better than this. [...]

  • Bringing jobs back to the district is priority number one.
  • Eliminating corporate welfare.
  • Seeing that just relief is given to the Small Business owner and Farmers throughout Michigan and this Nation.
  • Lance supports the Employee Free Choice Act, but believes more can be done to protect the American Worker.

He only has a few days to make an impact. Let's give him some help.


Video- Hannity and panel pin recession that started in 2007 on Obama