Teacher To 12-Year-Old Girl Who Wore Mexico Soccer Shirt: “What Are You Doing In My Country?”


Here's an appalling story:

Coral Avilez, who is all of 12, wore a tee shirt to her middle school in Big Bear, California. It happened to be a shirt she bought in Mexico. It also happened to be a soccer shirt, because of, you know, the World Cup and all. What a brat, huh? What a horrible child. Especially when her teacher asked her if she "supported Mexico", and, thinking Teacher Dearest was referring to soccer, answered in the affirmative.


“Then what are you doing in my country?”

Me to teacher: "What are you doing in a school?"

A very stunned, American-born Coral:



“Because people like you make me pay higher taxes and make my insurance rate go up."

Coral then ran out of the room in tears. But at least she was made to feel worse -- yes, worse-- after that. That's right, the abuse continued:

On Monday she asked not to go back to class, and she was given two choices: sit in the principal’s office and read a book,or pick up trash with the janitor. Martinez said Coral felt uncomfortable in the principal’s office, and she opted to picked up trash.

She had to pick up after the other kids, because she looked Mexican. That was what she got for answering "yes" to a question. That's what she got for being not like Teacher Dearest. That's what she got for wearing a tee shirt with a Mexico reference. That's what she got for being not white.

Now the girl and her mother, supported by local civil rights groups, are asking that the teacher’s conduct be investigated for possible disciplinary action. The teacher later apologized to the class, according to local newspapers.

I bet that apology did wonders to soothe Coral Avilez.  At such a vulnerable time of her life, I'm sure she won't be affected forever at all.

It's so reassuring to see that they're teaching racial profiling in my state. Why, just the other day I said to Mr. Laffy, I said, "Gee, why can't we be more like Arizona?"*

Lucky us.

*Obvious sarcasm.

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