VIDEO- CHEK, please! Rand Paul refuses to say how old the earth is.


Oh my. Implosion time? Let's hope so. Watch the Q and A:

U.S. Senate Candidate (R-KY) Rand Paul discusses his support of home schooling, immigration and refuses to answer a question about how old he believes the Earth to be.

Welcome to the Christian Homeschool Educators of Kentucky (CHEK).

People riding dinosaurs. Check. Er, CHEK.

Rand Paul, at about 1:13:

"I'm gonna pass on the age of the earth. I think I'm just gonna have to pass on that one."

Via  Barefoot and Progressive:

So what are we to make of this? Is Rand hiding the fact that he believes in saddled dinosaurs from the general public, as he knew people were there recording him? Or is he afraid to call out these conservative allies as total lunatics? [...]

Also of interest is this question about the "Parental Rights Amendment" and the United Nations, which I had never heard of before. According to the fliers passed around the convention, these people believe that the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child is a global plot to outlaw homeschooling, spanking, and raising your children in the religion you choose. FEAR!!!

But it's good to know that Rand Paul supports this, as he's never one to pass on a conspiracy theory designed to scare people about the hoard of villainous dark people coming to destroy your life and liberty.

Please read the whole post here. It's sooo good.

  • TammyTurnip

    Jeez is he boring!

  • Rand Paul, gift that keeps on giving, part MMCCXXXVI

  • Marnie

    If Paul doesn't accept science's guestimation of the age of the earth and of evolution - what other parts of science doesn't he accept.
    Since the medicine, which he claims to practice is based on science what is he saying about his medical qualifications? Does he reject medical knowledge gained from scientific study of other animals and organisms? Because that a lot of medical knowledge he would be rejecting.

  • Rand's dad's a creationist, so I guess it runs in the family.