VIDEOS: Open live mic after Palin speech: "Now I know the dumbness doesn't just come from sound bites."


"Now I know the dumbness doesn't just come from sound bites." [laughter]

Via Palingates:

The clip with the complete embarrassing open microphone remarks by the journalists and technicians after Sarah Palin's speech in Turlock, who slammed her!

Former Half-Gov Dumbness McOpenMic strikes again.

Palingates has more, including many juicy revelations, and this little tidbit:

Their post is a must-read.

UPDATE: Here are a few more quotes, per PoliticusUSA:

“She didn’t finish a statement.”
“I don’t know how you’re gonna make a story out of that.” “Well, that’s the story.”
“Did she even make a point?”
“Lots of Reagan.”

UPDATE: Here is part of Dumbness's speech, on volunteerism. Oh, did I just call it a speech? My bad:

Conclusion: When McOpenMic makes a speech, it renders the rest of us speechless.


[T]he people heard talking were reporters according to the Fox News station affiliate that provided the live feed.

H/t: polipaca

  • Steverino555

    If we had a media with balls she'd have been exposed as a dim wit upon first glance.
    If not then ---- CERTAINLY after that moronic, ill conceived resignation speech she gave comparing herself to a POINT GUARD looking ahead to her team mates and passing the ball just when things were getting dicey for her.
    I'm nauseous thinking about it/her right now. Too bad we no longer have a mainstream media with balls or she'd have been exposed before she took hold and became a fund raising machine for other un-American so-called patriots looking out only for themselves and top 2%. Shame on us.

  • The tragedy of mental illness.

  • That would have made sense if it were true mac. Fox followed up, it's true.

    Nice try.

  • macphile

    The essential point here has been entirely ignored--i.e., the video is a fraud. As soon as the "reporters" start talking, the background noise ceases, even though the video continues to show the after-speech venue. The audio was recorded in isolation (an otherwise empty hallway, an otherwise empty room, etc.) and dubbed over the video; the audio was not recorded live coincident with the video. This is NOT an open mic situation--it's a manipulation (and a poor one, at that).

    Keith Olbermann (Mr. Illiterate) is right on when he says of Ms. Palin, "this woman is an idiot." But liberals/progressives need to aspire to higher standards than those of the rightwingnuts. The truth is our principal weapon, and we lose the argument when we resort to making up stuff.

    Unless (and until) the voices on the video can be identified and the whole thing verified, we ought to view it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican


  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    The Golden State. Always been nice to be here, always feeling such a connection here, a special place in my heart is California because this is Reagan country, and…yeah! And perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College* would become so woven within and interlinked to the Golden State. And it was here that, of course, Reagan became famous as an actor and then distinguished himself as such a good governor and then launched his bid for president. And then, of course, found his final resting place underneath the warm, blue California sky.

  • Dweb823

    OK...try this's a section of what Sarah said:

    "Uh, the Golden State, always being nice to be here and uh always feeling such a connection here a special place in my heart is California uh because this is Regan country and YEAH and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State and it was here, that he, of course, that Reagan became famous as an actor and then distinguished himself as such a good governor and then launched his bid for President and then of course found his final resting place underneath the warm, blue, California sky."

    There you have it in all its glory.....105 words unbroken by a single period. And embedded in the middle a claim that Ronald Reagan attended Eureka College in California. Except it was in Illinois. If I had paid $500 to listen to something like this, I woulda started throwing my mashed potatoes about 90 seconds in.

  • Correct, indy_girl.

    That was part of the $2,000 she donated at the very last minute for tax purposes.

    A grand to show her eternal support for Down syndrome children (cuz she's such a friend to the disabled, don'tcha know) and another grand to a group that pressures young women to have babies instead of abortions.

    What little else she's spent on anyone other than herself and her family has gone to a few neo-con politicos.

  • TLC66

    She is dumb lol !

  • Jackiepoo_03 did the reports even stay awake to listen to this speach. she's such an idiot

  • Great Lakes

    Great film by Mike Judge, "Idiocracy." That's what's the deal we're dealin' in....

  • al g.

    "(at least I don't have to see physical ugliness when I have to listen to her political and spiritual ugliness)"

    somehow, that just doesn't work for me with her, and i just *love* women. i think it has something to do with the dishonesty and sheer mean spiritedness.

  • Juno

    OH shizzle! Wowser! Okay, I thought it a rare moment of brutal honesty, but it truly was a double whammy both in terms of how they view her, but also because they deliberately give her a platform KNOWING that she has a lump of dried dung for brains then talk about her with utmost disrespect nano-seconds after she left. I mean, she MUST have heard them!

  • Reynoldspainting

    Frankly her speeches are sound bites strung together rarely making sentences.

  • I'm off for a couple of hours, but I'll go read and have some fun w/ it then. Thanks Patrick!

  • GottaLaff, thanks a lot for linking to Palingates!

    Palingates today published the full transcript of Sarah Palin's speech at CSU Stanislaus together with the video.

    We have also exposed several factual inaccuracies, some of them highly embarrassing.

    For example, she expressly said that Eureka College which Ronald Reagan attended is located in California - although it's of course in Illinois, where Ronald Reagan grew up.

  • Vito2

    You said, "The speech appeared as though she read half sentences from speeches from past Republican presidents, put them in a hat, random and tied them into sentences using 'America' and whatever superlatives popped into her head."

    Her statements are often referred to as "word salad" for that very reason. She has a collection of 10 or 15 bumper sticker phrases she tosses into whatever she's saying, whether they're germane or not, as though just repeating them over and over will make her sound erudite, intelligent, and (most important of all) well informed. It doesn't work. I'm usually unable to endure listening to her for more than 30 seconds at a time, but I find that reading transcripts of her talks supports my view that she's unable to speak three sentences in a row that have any unified meaning. At least watching her demonstrate her inability to talk without continually ducking her head to read her notes provides entertainment, especially given her constant disparagement of Obama's frequent use of a teleprompter.

  • Bubba55

    Let see she made $93,000 for this "speech", more correctly describe as a long rambling incoherent buzzword filled drivel. So just for that "speech," being a good Christan and all she should donate $9,300 (10% tithing). Think she donates that much in a year?

  • Bubba555

    OOOHHHH a $1000! . . . Hell I don't make a 10th of what she makes and donate more than $4000/year to various cause actually probably more than that. Oh yeah she is a saint!

  • Songbirdgrove

    Look out Sarah Palin haters, she can see the White House from her front porch.

    Palin 2012

  • Pulp-it

    When her gravy train of speaking fees comes to an end, she'll return to Alaska as the face of tourism there, where they'll give her crabs and make her relive her bikini walk of shame in the beauty pageant. Here's a preview:

  • Tjsmema

    Why do people pay to hear this garbage? I just simply don't understand it. She is really an idiot and people just keep coming and paying to see and hear this BS. Hopefully they will wake up soon as she really has nothing to say. She is simply a gold digger and playing on her looks alone.


  • jimbo

    how dare you bring up Normandy and this fake POS in the same post. REAL AMERICANS died there how dare you

  • youngblood360

    ummm.... Reagan and Palin in the same breath? Reagan actually finished his term as Governor of California and was quite intelligent. He had some good points but his policies you seem to be so fond of have actually bankrupted the country. 30 years of "trickle down" and deregulation caused the markets to crash nearly as bad as the 30's. Bush was player that furthered the philosophy that nearly destroyed the country. If you truly believe that Palin is the Saint you think she is - take a look at history first. When you have studied fully the period 1980 thru 2010, tell us who was able to save our country and who royally fucked it up. I'm sure you and I will disagree, but it should be fun.

  • youngblood360

    WOW - "quite serious" because she didn't have an abortion? Never argue with her "political philosophy"? What Political Philosophy are you talking about? The one where she believes that government should be smaller but she was Governor and expanded the state of Alaska's government more than any other "governor" in the history of the state? How she when she QUIT being Governor of Alaska she left the state's coffers in the RED when it had a surplus when she took office? How when the State of Alaska recently found that her "legal defense fund" was ILLEGAL she was ordered to pay back nearly $400K? Oh yeah - that's a real political philosophy! Stupid is as stupid does.

  • youngblood360

    Small , "efficient" government? Then what happened to her "government" when she was the Governor of Alaska or for that matter - Wasilla? When she left Wasilla after being Mayor - the town was nearly $10million in the RED. When she QUIT her job as Governor, the state - which when she took office had a surplus - was nearly $50 Million in the RED. The State of Alaska just found her "legal defense fund" to be ILLEGAL and ordered her to pay back nearly $400K of the money. "Sarah is Our Greatest American" - you need to either have a brain transplant or drink some extremely strong coffee. WAKE UP!

  • Richard7

    All Wailin' Palin cares about is fame and money. Her notoriety satisfies her enormous ego and she's gotten quite rich from all this. We have nobody to thank more for putting her in the national spotlight than John McCain. We nobody more to thank more for keeping her there than the idiots who pay to see her and buy her books. And, you can bet your ass that if she was plain and frumpy, she never would have gotten out of Alaska. One of the former teachers from her high school said that she was one of the mean white girls. She still is.....

  • youngblood360

    Is anyone really surprised? I think it should be a rule at all of Palin's speeches that the mike be left on and pointed towards the audience at least for 15 minutes after she is done "speaking". What a load of crap!

  • Oh nooooooo! Not Normandy! I've been there and the French STILL like us there!

  • Dennmagui5

    how many necklaces did this woman have on?

    did she quote de tocqueville? seriously? ah, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Liddabird

    "word salad" LMAO! I haven't heard that before, but it's perfect!

  • Lnmassaro

    I don't know what turnip truck you fell off of, but Palin's "small government" and "free markets" are just buzzwords for allowing corporations to do what they please without regulation or oversight. She has, at every turn, supported policies which benefit big business over hard-working Americans just trying to keep their heads above water. Now her "legal defense fund," which she established to defend against those pesky ethics charges in Alaska, has been ruled "illegal" so she immediately started a new one--all after making 12 million dollars last year. I think you must be watching too much Fox News-- your delusions are showing.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    Why are you so angry? Would you please give me some examples of statements Sarah Palin has made which are racist or hateful? Seriously.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    You make a good point. But I look at it this way. Sarah Palin has become a major political figure in despite her 5 college tour, despite taking on her own party in Alaska, and despite stepping down from her position as Governor. She could very well hold the Republican party hostage in 2 years, because she is beloved by a deep passionate core of conservatives who would follow her to the beaches of Normandy.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    I like the first part of your comment "so she wouldn't forget to give the Big Guy a shout-out" and "ping-pong between her two blackberries." That is really funny. Sarah likes the phrase "shout-out," and she is a fan of "the Big Guy," as well as her blackberries. It shows that you have been paying attention. Keep paying attention, because with time and an open mind you will come to admire Sarah Palin, especially for her fearlessness, her love of country, and her Reaganesque common-sense philosophy.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    Good one. But in keeping with the chewing tobacco running down my chin, my fifth grade education, and my NASCAR-loving background (at least according to how I have been characterized here), I prefer a case of beer.

  • Kooble77

    Love the handle. Someone has a case of heroine worship.

    Hell, maybe a case of heroin worship too.

  • bill

    Sir! with your small mind and never will you have a chance to woo Palin. Palin is the essence of all that you stand for, hate and racism. You dumb SOB! don't care that she is ripping off everybody charging for even showing up and spitting out her hatred. To me Palin is like Hitler! She isn't pretty nor beautiful, but like a slimy blob appealing to a dumb ass like you. She is s0 fuc%%^ up. SARAH PALIN appeals to the , tobacco chewing dripping down the chin kind of man with a fifth grade education or less. They only listen to dumb racist Rush Limbaugh and nobody else! Most of them retreat to the bath room to releive themselves with fantasies of Palin! They get out their guns and dream of a pure American Land! Meanwhile we have a Black President in the White House and there isn't a dam think you can do about it CLETUS!!! ha ha ha.

  • indy_girl

    Fluent for a non-English speaker, sure! She spoke with the aid of a few written notes like "God" so she wouldn't forget to give the Big Guy a shout-out; for once she did not ping-pong between her two Blackberries. Her message was clear: We must pass on to the next generation American pride in mediocrity and half-assed, 5-college education, and promote backward-ass values like the ones the Palin teenagers evidently learned at home, as evidenced by their truancy, vandalism, drug and alcohol use, premarital sex, and teen pregnancy.

    Hmmm.......thanks but NO THANKS!

  • indy_girl

    "comparing her's"? Did you attend the same 5 colleges as Sarah?

  • indy_girl

    She gave $1000 to the Down Syndrome folks too in 2009. So that was really generous of her also.

  • You forgot family values, the desire to complete what she started and fence construction... ;=)


    What happened to the 1st amendment they love so much?

  • Padreis

    Can you prove that she has never had an abortion? I have never seen her medical records that would show me that she was innocent of such a procedure. I require the medical records.

  • marya

    Her ability to get herself quoted and filmed is unequaled.I believe she exemplifies what shrinks call a narcisstic personality. But I think I could compare her to an unemployed school teacher..she has no class.!!
    She lacks grace and there is not a humble bone in her body.

  • marya

    Well, so you like your own posts. You are truly Sarah's equal!!

  • marya

    Palin is not stupid but she is dumb enough in regards to world affairs to call Africa a country, and can't recall the name of a newspaper or journal she might have read, and the list is endless of her rather simple minded remarks. What if someone of her intellect became President of the US? If Katie made her so nervous she couldn't think, a leader like Medeved or Putin would eat her alive. Plus, she said she would call on the
    'department of law' to defend her is she were sued. LOL.

  • Padreis

    Palin is a pretty woman of somewhat above average intelligence who has never read anything, has no curiosity to learn anything about history or the world, but she can spout platitudes and slogans like nobody else. She can read a bank statement, an ability she has in common with Limbaugh's 4th wife.

  • Writescoop

    No Daniel, they did nothing wrong. It is not different than reporters covering a garlic tasting event, and one of them turning to the other and saying "this stuff stinks." Of course you can HAVE your own opinions, and sometimes they are based on objective facts and sometimes they are based on feelings and so forth. You would be borderline mentally ill if you did not have this going on inside your head.
    What you can not as a journalist do is represent your opinions as being the same as an objective, fact-based account. In other words, you can not convert your biases into facts. But you can have an attitude about facts, am emotional response. But you must consider only what is before you, and not what others are telling you. This is the best a reporter can do.

  • Writescoop

    The scholarships were a lie? Palin is a silly joke, but I had the impression that her visit did, in fact, raise a record amount of money for the university.

  • Evan, Please limit your NASCAR references to people you know. I'm a NASCAR fan and know very few who are "illiterate mule-romancers" - in fact a large number of us have even gone to a real college.

    Other than that, you are spot on.


  • 1) Allow me to correct myself. She only donated $2,000 last year. She did that thing in Hollywood during the Academy Awards this year. What a saint.

    2) I'm not very good at lying, but your heroine is quite the natural, so I leave her to follow her path and me to follow mine, which includes calling bullshit where I see it... and she's full of it.

  • She got what she deserves....ouch!

  • cheeriogirl

    Oh Truga, you've fallen for their lies. Palin was paid $93,000.00 for her twenty minutes of unintelligible rant against anyone who didn't agree with HER. She insults and incites hatred in many, so she demanded EXTRA security, which was provided by HOMELAND SECURITY trained officers, at $110 per hour. A mile and a half worth of fencing was purchased, AND installed in TWO DAYS. The cafeteria was decorated to the tune of $35,000.00, complete with a chandelier to her liking. Sarah's book was given to each attendee, no doubt paid for by CSU Stanislaus Foundation. The science department wasn't able to pick up donated equipment, because the fence was in the way. Students at CSU who PAY the university for their education, were told they could NOT "loiter" on THEIR campus, because of Ms. Palin's presence.

    As for the scholarships, I guess you don't realize that was all a lie too. Many board members donated $10,000.00 each, and the President donated $50,000.00 to the university to cover for the scholarships that
    they had just canceled weeks earlier.

    All to make it appear as if Sarah's visit was a financial success.

    I guess maybe it was a good place for Sarah to appear after all, since CSU Stanislaus seems to lie and cover up facts with the same ease as Sarah Palin. They even denied their own student newspaper the right to cover this farce of a performance.

    Pitiful behavior for an institution of higher learning, wouldn't you say?

  • Cciolli

    American exceptionalism, Canada banking system strongest in the world, USA somewhere in the 40's

  • cheeriogirl

    YOu may have a point there SIOGA, EXCEPT-


    She is mocked because she is truly ignorant, NOT because she is a woman.

    She may look nice on the outside, but her soul is HIDEOUS.

    She preaches HATE continually, which clearly goes against God's word, yet she calls herself a Christian,

    And self made? Who's showing their ignorance NOW?

    This woman is a product of the GOP, who want a shadow PUPPET President again, just like we experienced with George Bush.

    And how did THAT work out for us?

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    Sarah Palin has donated substantially more than $2000 to charity. You know that what you are writing is untrue. Do you feel better now that you have perpetuated a lie about Sarah Palin?

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl

    The students are taking bets whether Shirvani will show up in a new Lexus on Mon!

  • Zen

    That was meant as sarcasm . . . right? Or is this country getting dumber by the Caribou Barbie speech??? She's a quitter, a whiner and a hateful person. Go ahead and follower her - free country. Me? I'm backing the Harvard educated and incredibly brilliant PRESIDENT who finished his term as Senator . . . actually speaks in complete sentences and doesn't blame everyone else for his own shortcomings. Get INFORMED! CHANGE THE CHANNEL! READ!!! For God's sake turn off the fake news.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    You in fact are regurgitating the talking points of liberals and the Sarah Palin White House Opposition Team; to wit, Sarah is "stupid" a "quitter" "a failure" "no understanding of economic policy." In order to critique her economic policy, argue that point by comparing her's with the policy you favor.

    I don't understand the statement "she's self-evidently dumber than the entire reduction of her offspring."

  • Saywhat?

    Please explain in detail exactly what palin said in a fluent way. I and the rest of America is awaiting your wisdom. You clearly hear wonderful things when she vomits words like a drunk hugging the toilet bowl. So PLEASE enlighten us mere mortals. The uneducated masses are clueless and we are in desperate need of your superior abilities in translating what is complete nonsense.

  • Kbrown2225

    What message? The woman has no message besides "America Good" and "Government Bad". We have tough serious problems that need to be dealt with and I am sorry but anyone who studies history knows that "laissez faire" and the free market leads to nothing but the oppression of the weak at the hand of the strong. It was reasonable government regulation that allowed the emergence of the modern working class and if you and the Sarah Palin's of the world had your way we would all be working in sweatshops receiveing slave wages. Palin is selling a fantasy to people who are unwilling to address real problems with real answers. Nobody hates her because she is beautiful, hell the fact that she is attractive is her only saving grace (at least I don't have to see physical ugliness when I have to listen to her political and spiritual ugliness)

  • Lakebum

    Thats because she is a raving moron.

  • Um, no. I'm referring to how the term "fluent" is used. Sarah Palin, at any rate, speaks like a blithering moron. She doesn't use subjects or verbs correctly and her speech patterns consist largely of run-on sentences and fragments. She is, quite simply, a moron.

    The teleprompter thing is absolutely about race, but it's complex, because you wingnuts have been trained to think that you're not racist, all the while using code words which communicate your true intent. I would explain it to you, but it's already been done thoroughly here:

    Barack Obama is the most self-evidently well-spoken president we've had in decades, and it bothers wingnuts, because they've been raised to think that black people are less than they are.

    Also, by the way: it's funny when you talk about liberals being "devoid of ideas." You do realize that the highly educated people who congregate around our best colleges and universities are mostly liberals for a reason, right? Likewise, the illiterate mule-romancers who congregate around NASCAR races are mostly conservatives for a reason...

    One ideology attracts smart people. One attracts stupid people.

  • Oh SarahIs, it matters not at all to me that she is a woman, there IS no substance there. I happen to like intelligent women, so much so that I married one (one that does not speak "word salad" but complete cohesive sentences).
    Sarah Palin is NOT authentic, she's a con-artist of marginal intelligence and you've been suckered by her con.

  • verandaporch

    Good grief. Whatta maroon.

  • SarahIsAuthentic

    Actually you are wrong. The term "fluent" has nothing to do with speaking a foreign language; rather it is speech that is smooth and effortless, not interrupted by um's and ah's.

    What does the "teleprompter thing" have to do with race? Oh, I forgot, calling those who disagree with Obama's policies "racist" is the last refuge of a liberal. This implies that liberals are devoid of ideas, except to orgiastically spend our nation into oblivion. Or as Sarah calls it "generational theft."

    And the unfortunate reality for our country is that Obama does have "more power" than I or any other American has, and he and his administration are governing and legislating badly.

  • Hahaha, OKAY, honey!

    Actually we like women, but we don't like stupid people. The rest of your "talking" is basically regurgitating what your authority figures tell you liberals say about Sarah Palin. Nobody gives a fuck whether she did or did not abort her pregnancy, because it's her choice! (Remember, it's sort of part of the whole "pro-choice" stance.)

    Also, the woman is a quitter and a failure, having no understanding of economic policy (something you and she have in common).

    Also, she can't form sentences very well, and again, she's self-evidently dumber than the entire reduction of her offspring.

  • SarahIsAuthentic

    Oh yes, quite serious. It's funny how Sarah's critics never argue with the substance of her political philosophy. Rather, she is mocked because she is a woman, because she is beautiful, because she didn't have an abortion, because she is unafraid, because she does not hesitate to call out Obama and his economy-killing initatives. If you seriously believe that Sarah Palin is a village idiot, then you are clearly not so bright yourself. She is one of the few, truly authentic, self-made leaders of our time.

  • Slipstream74

    Ignorance is bliss eh SarahIs

  • Love you back!

  • I love you, Evan.

  • People usually don't use the word "fluent" when they're describing someone speaking her first language.

    Also, the teleprompter thing is so boring and racist. Deal with it. The black man is smarter than you, prettier than you, cooler than you, bigger than you, and has more power than you will ever have.


  • What color is the sky in your world? [Sigh]

  • Hahaha, for a second I thought you were serious.

  • For someone who donated $2,000 last year, she's real big on everyone else being charitable. I raised and donated that much last year and I sure the hell didn't make $12 million by telling lies across America.

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    Sarah's speech was fluent and meaningful. She spoke with the aid of a few written notes; she did not ping-pong between two TelePrompters. Her message was clear: We must pass on to the next generation American pride and values.

  • That was hilarious. Thanks SarahIs....

  • SarahIsOurGreatestAmerican

    Sarah Palin is our greatest American. She believes in small efficient government, fiscal responsibilty, American exceptionalism, self-sufficiency and a culture of life. She is the antithesis of our America-loathing President. She represents true hope and change. Your mocking hateful juvenile rhetoric is empty and soulless. Open your eyes!

  • Notknown86

    @Daniel Cooper: no, a journalist is allowed to have personal opinions. They are expected to report in a balanced manner, but this was not reporting; this was a personal conversation. I dare say that journalism has bigger problems than a personal conversation between colleagues.

    And - by the way - they were right. What the hell do free markets have to do with volunteerism? Is her contention that volunteerism is best served by competition? The speech appeared as though she read half sentences from speeches from past Republican presidents, put them in a hat, random and tied them into sentences using "America" and whatever superlatives popped into her head. She sounded like a raving moron.

  • NewYorkerForSarah

  • She talks about being generous & charitable. Well for starters Palin you can give that $93,000 fee you charged back to the university.

  • Anonymous

    That's the impression they wanted you to get Writescoop. The President of the Foundation donated $50,000.00 and at least three members of the board have been verified to have donated $10,000.00 each. For this, they received 40 complimentary tickets to the Palin dinner and "word salad speech". That alone decreases their reported profits by $20,000 dollars! ( 40 x $500.00 apiece for each ticket!) Yet NONE of them are volunteering this information.

    If you'd like more information, please visit @

    You'll be glad you did!

  • Trojwl01

    It literally hurts my brain when I hear her speak.

  • Kbrown2225

    She is such a disgusting, vile little woman. Describing the student reporters as "dumpster divers" who were trying to silence her. What a twisted view of reality. No lady they were journalists trying to find out how big your paycheck was going to be. My god this woman can manage to portray herself as the martyr no matter what the situation.

  • Jacew2003

    I guess they don't call her half -.baked Alaska for nothing

  • kimbutgar

    She tells us she is a strong Christian but all that comes out of her mouth is hate and derision. What a phony nasty hypocrite. Someday she's going to say something that will expose her for the faux Christian she is.

  • She has some nerve talking about "morality" and "doing good" - she's so hateful. Don't allow student journalists in there, so what? So you can trash talk them? That's immoral.

  • Truga

    Before Palin's appearance, the Foundation was in debt and now has about $200,000 for scholarships and other expenses. The sophomoric CSU liberal students and reporters were just making fools of themselves. CSU doesn't need to worry as I doubt that Palin would ever return. That should make the CSU students happy and the Foundation will probably go broke again. Other key note speakers will learn from Palin's experience and not appear at CSU Foundation events. I wonder how appreciative some CSU students will be to receive scholarships from the Palin event that they wouldn't otherwise receive.

  • Tammy Turnip

    Dumb threatens to rule the world, and Sarah Palin is their spiritual leader.

  • Christy

    This is like watching Mystery Science Theater. Too good.

  • According to the Washington Post's School of Journalism every single reporter caught on that open mic needs to tender their resignation. I mean if Dave Weigel, after expressing his opinion regarding the subject he was covering, was forced to retire then clearly these open mic oopsie reporters should follow suit right? Isn't that how this crazy journo profession works? You can't have private opinions and you certainly can't express those non-opinions.

  • According to the Washington Post's School of Journalism every single reporter caught on that open mic needs to tender their resignation. I mean if Dave Weigel, after expressing his opinion regarding the subject he was covering, was forced to retire then clearly these open mic oopsie reporters should follow suit right? Isn't that how this crazy journo profession works? You can't have private opinions and you certainly can't express those non-opinions.

  • Bet they're glad they paid her $93,000 for that

  • Luci

    UMPHU! Now that is cold!

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl

    After suffering through the whole speech, that made it all worth it! God slammed the door in her face! LOL, STFU Granny! She insulted everyone in that speech calling the two students who found her contract docs "political operatives" talked about female mutilation, burning woman (she is really trying to appeal to women I guess) and threw out quotes like so much popcorn! It was horrible, but that last part...honest, spur of the moment remarks were GOLD ""OMG! I feel like I stepped off a roller coaster" "The dumbness doesn't come through on soundbites" gold,pure gold!!!!!

  • Once again St. Sarah Palin is the Avatar of stupidity.