Backwards Day Poll-itics: The Tea Party is pro-worker and pro-environmental


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A new poll contradicts the widely held belief that the the tea party movement is opposed to government action to help the economy. It shows that self-described Tea Party supporters are very much in favor of government action to revitalize America's manufacturing base.

Seventy-four percent of self-described Tea Party Supporters would support a "national manufacturing strategy to make sure that economic, tax, labor, and trade policies in this country work together to help support manufacturing in the United States," according to the poll, put out by the Mellman Group and the Alliance for American Manufacturing. Likewise, 56 percent of self-described Tea Party Supporters "favor a tariff on products imported from other countries that are cheaper because they came from a country that does not have to comply with any climate change regulations in the country where the products were made."

Al Gore, Tea Potty on line two. Climate change exists in "Real America" too.

The Tea Baggers kvetch and whine and spew hostilities at Big Government the way BP hurls tar balls at the Gulf Coast, and suddenly this? So it's okay to support all that Hitleresque intrusiveness when it suits your needs, but not at televised rallies, not on ClusterFox, and not at town hall meetings.

Got it.

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Let's dig deeper into the poll and see what we come up with:

This new poll shows that the top concerns of all Americans, including Tea Party supporters, is not the federal budget deficit but that we are too deep of debt to China in terms of our trade imbalance. No major political party is championing this issue. The surprise victory of Democrat Mark Critz in John Murtha's old district which was expected to go Republican showed that Democrats can win over Republican voters when they campaign tough on trade issues.

If President Obama really wanted to heal a divided nation and take votersĀ  away from demagogues like Glenn Beck, he could do it by taking real action on trade [...] Then Obama could fulfill another campaign promise by slapping tariffs on illegal Chinese currency manipulation which make Chinese goods 25-40% cheaper than American goods.

We're all Marxist socialist fascist commies now!

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H/t: Think Progress