Tweet by Rep. Joe Barton: "Joe Barton Was Right"


It's a good thing Dave Weigel got a screen shot of the above tweet, because I clicked on his link to it and it's been scrubbed. I then went to Barton's Twitter page and couldn't find it there either.

Hours after getting a respite from House Republicans, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) has cheekily responded to criticism over his "apology to BP" by tweeting a link to an American Spectator article titled "Joe Barton was right."

I guess Barton misconstructed whatever it was that he had construed from the original misconstruction after having been misconstrued.

I'd hate to misconstrue that tweet, but I believe he believes he's right, despite previous misconstructions. However, upon further reflection, he believes he's wrong about being right, and will no doubt apologize for having his tweet misconstrued by commie pinko liberal fascist socialist misconstructionists.


Barton spokesman Sean Smith is taking the fall for the offending Tweet.

Barton is saying he knew nothing about it.

  • Cymric

    Better to be "seen" as stupid than to be proved stupid. But in Barton's case, he's managed to do both.