PhotOh! BP's X-rated oil disaster burn


My Twitter pal, a fantastic editorial cartoonist (J.D. Crowe) who goes by CroweJam, had a chance to catch an aerial view of Big Oil's environmental disaster. He was provided the opportunity courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard, based at Ground Zero in Mobile. Please go read his post and see more photos at the link.

He has generously invited me to share what he discovered, drawing my attention to, as he worded it, "BP's junka junka burnin' love (viewer discretion advised)".

Talk about hottt:

This confirms it. We're screwed, courtesy of BP.

  • Marnie, it's in the shape of a penis... that was why it's X rated, silly. ;

  • Marnie

    The photo shows the normal gas burn off from just about any drill site.

    BP is burning surface oil captured in dragged floatind booms but that is a different matter than the photo.

    Remember the failed BOP and resulting explosion were from methane that is produced from the same degraged fossils as petroleum. It is usually spearated off and burned at the drill site.

    This is natural gas that we could save and or use but no one has invested the time or money to capture it as an oil drilling biproduct. That is a a serious issue but not one speciic to this BP drill.