VIDEO- Rachel Maddow: Drilling will not give us energy independence; "The crisis is oil."


This was one of the best segments I've seen Rachel do, because nobody else has bothered to tackle the idea (with any depth) that energy independence via more U.S. drilling is bull pucky.

Oil drilled in America does not stay in America. Nope, it goes right to the world market.  There is no such thing as "our oil supply". It all goes to the same place.

For four decades, the talking points have been: For the future of our planet, we will end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.


"That is awesome campaign rhetoric."

As Rachel says, we need to change the argument... not about when, where, whether we drill, but that we use too much oil.

The crisis is oil. Not how and where we get it. The crisis can't be solved by drilling for more.

Watch and learn:

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  • Anonymous

    Yup. I've said all along that I'd go for "Drill Baby Drill" if they'd agree to nationalize the U.S. oil industry. Because it's not "our" oil, it's Exxon's oil. Chevron's oil. That oil does not belong to "us" the American consumer it belongs to the disgustingly profitable corporations who pull it out of the ground and pollute our air and water in the process. And then they sell it to ... whomever. Drilling in America does not affect gas prices in America and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Oh and meanwhile maybe CNN can spare a few dozen reporters from the royal wedding coverage and send 'em down to the Gulf of Mexico, where people who worked on the BP oil spill clean-up are sick and dying.

  • Uranus

    A few weeks ago, Sen. Kerry made a comment that he didn't understand why people aren't angrier about the lack of better energy technology..., I wrote to him. I said I'd been asking that same thing for 47 years, and I'd learned a couple things. One of them is that the people who decided we will have oil, coal and uranium until the end of time don't care how many people know none of those three are needed for energy, and they don't care how mad those people are. I said some other things and will spare you.

    I've heard several network news commentaries in the last week lamenting that no one knows how the world should make energy. It's comforting to know almost 50 years of my advocacy has accomplished exactly nothing.

  • Paddy

    Okay, this has got to be a first. You're an ignorant dolt AND you quote from a nursery rhyme from my GRANDMOTHERS day? W00t! You win the Fuckwit Award of the Day! Your mother must be sooo proud...

  • Ze_white_wolf

    I hope all you propaganda soaked sheep get sheared soon. The weight of ignorant wool is wearing down the country. 3 bags 3 bags 3 bags full.