Mr. & Mrs. Bachmann turn "F*ck Michele Bachmann" concert into fundraising tool


The above is an ad for a hip-hop concert in St. Paul next month. G-Biz, a Twin Cities hip-hop musician, is behind the fliers

Yesterday I filled you in on Mr. Bachmann's needing a fainting couch and smelling salts because the F Bomb was dropped in association with his fragile little bride's name. That didn't last long.

Here  is a closer look at who's trying to profit of the F Word now:

[...] You and I both know they are resorting to these vulgar attacks because they know their time is up - the American people have their number and won't put up with the continued trampling of our freedoms at the expense of their liberal ideology.

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I could not be more proud of my wife as she stands up to her critics and fights for our values every day in Washington, but she can't do it alone.  Michele needs your help to ensure we are able to elect constitutional conservatives to lead our nation ahead to its strongest days.


Marcus Bachmann, Ph. D.

P.S.  There is an important campaign finance deadline on June 30th and together we can send a clear message to the liberal attack machines that we won't back down.  Please Contribute Today!

I guess it's okay to use appalling language against Marcus's wife, so long as she can make money off of it.

H/t: Tiggrr1