VIDEO: Franken launches full-throated attack on 'conservative activism' on courts


A transcript of Sen. Franken's speech is available here.

Senator Al Franken simply rocks:

The first-term senator launched a full-throated attack on originalism, the judicial philosophy often upheld by conservatives as an example for model nominees for the federal courts.

"Originalism isn’t a pillar of our constitutional history. It’s a talking point," Franken said, adding a jab at Chief Justice John Roberts for his famous comparison between judges and baseball umpires during Roberts's confirmation hearings.

"How ridiculous," Franken said. "Judges are nothing like umpires."

The shift of the Supreme Court to the right is scaring many of us to death, and rightly (no pun) so. We're seeing the corporatization of America (Citizens United), for one, just one example of the chipping away at democracy.  Talk about activist judges!

"...the Roberts Court has put not just a thumb, but a fist on the scale in favor of those corporations.

A fist with brass knuckles.

Which weigh a lot.

Because they're brass."


And don't get me started on his remarks about Jamie Lee Jones.

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  • Rjmmcelroy

    Why is it that comedians are the only ones who seem to care?

  • Love that Franken dude! Sees it & says it like it is.

  • That's MY senator!