VIDEO: Tarryl Clark smacks down Bachmann... whose husband is appalled by the F word


Wonkette nails it. You must go read their post about Mr. Bachmann's (gasp!) F-Word Adventure, but here's the gist:

As long as anyone says anything negative or even vaguely rude about Michele Bachmann — an actual insane person calling for her insane supporters to MURDER THE ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA, WITH GUNS — well, that is somehow “trampling of our freedoms.” Uhh:

You and I both know they are resorting to these vulgar attacks because they know their time is up — the American people have their number and won’t put up with the continued trampling of our freedoms at the expense of their liberal ideology.

So, once Bachmann’s Militia assassinates the elected Democratic leadership and the president and his administration in Washington and anyone who isn’t a hard-right drooling suburban wingnut in Minnesota — everybody in the cities, for instance — then Michele Bachmann’s husband can begin the untrampling of our freedoms, via fund-raising email.

Speaking of juvenile and immature, has Mr. B been to any of his wife's "rallies" lately? Not only is she a child, she's a tantruming one whose irresponsible tirades could easily result in even more hostility and violence than we've already seen lately.

Tarryl Clark must win the election.  Bachmann and her whacked-out radicalism give whole new meaning to the word extreme.

  • Marnie

    So it's OK with hubby for wifie poo to use the most insulting and denigrating terms and phrases to describe the 70% of the country that is not tea bagging but an F You is just so over the limit.

    Geeze grow up.

  • Tarryl Clark RAWKS!