Quickie: Church of Latter-Day Saints Guilty on 13 Counts of Political Malfeasance In Prop. 8 Campaign


Today's Quickie:


California’s Fair Political Practices Commision (FPPC) made history on Thursday, finding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints guilty on 13 counts of political malfeasance related to the Prop. 8 campaign in 2008. It became the first religious organization to be found guilty of the charge in California.

According to the FPPC’s findings, the church “failed to timely report” a total of $38,928 in support of the bill that passed November 4, 2008, prohibiting gay marriage in California. The penalty handed down was a fine of 15% of the unreported contributions, coming to $5,539.

That's quite a distinctive first! Congratulations are in order.

It's also good to know that those supporting Prop 8 are doing so honestly and transparently. We expect nothing less from the anti-gay.

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