Video- Republican Joe Barton Apologizes to BP for Forcing Them to Pay for Their Damages


Slimy piece of crap. Huge thanks to FDL for getting the vid up so fast.

  • Mikdan7

    he didn't apologize for BP being 'forced' to pay for 'their' damages. He apologized -allegedly as a private individual citizen of the USA- for the alleged fact that the US government has acted against BP in a way which deprives BP of their right of due process- which the congressman contends is illegal as well as reprehensible. You(the blogger) should be a journalist, since you have shown that the facts are not of primary importance to you when you are creating your headlines of your blog articles.

  • Walt

    This is just another example in a thousand that smacks you in the face that proves the Republican Party has become a fully corporatist party in the mold of what Benito Mussolini defined as Fascism. The Republican politicians, their pundits, and their media network (FAUX Noise and the domination of right wing (hate) radio, and their blogs) are, amazingly, trying to make BP the victim. Even more astounding, there are people who are buying this message. How many more examples must be caught on tape to prove there is a rather disturbing fact that a section of our population is completely brainwashed.

    ... But while the corporatists have been able to get away for far too long with their deceit propagated upon their victims who they care none about, most Americans are seeing through their b.s. Because you either have to be brainwashed or really, really stupid to not see the obvious and who is to blame for this greatest of environmental disasters.