Dirty Details From BP Mole: "They've brought in prostitutes."


Mother Jones has something posted that you really must read. Allow me to give you a couple of jaw-dropping excerpts.

Frankly, I'm already beside myself, but this made me beside beside myself. I am now on the other side of the room of myself. I am inside out of myself:

"Two days after your article, they bused in twice as many workers, so they're up to 120 guys on Elmer's now, but I can't see any considerable difference. They're only working five sites and it's eight miles of beach. No one seems concerned about cleaning it up. The contractors are getting their money; they don't care. They've got all these people out there, but they're not accomplishing anything."

Oh, wait. Not nothing: "They've brought in prostitutes." No one knows who the "they" that brought in the pack of hookers is, but the gals have definitely arrived, and you can buy time with one for $200. It only took someone a whole month even to figure out that it would be lucrative to sell sex to guys earning 44 hours of overtime a week and living in camps and converted 18-wheelers.

Or to put it another way, we're all screwed.

H/t: AltaKocker