Novelty Obama "Stress Head" toy: "Pin his ears back..."


I know this is supposed to be "funny", but with all the blatant hostility to the president, the death threats, the right wing extremist groups, I dunno. This just didn't tickle the ol' funny bone.

Putting the squeeze on President Obama, courtesy of The Weekly Standard:

"Crush those half-baked liberal ideas before they do any more damage."

Yeah, it's all Obama's fault. I guess they failed to read this.

"Pin his ears back..."

I wasn't a fan of harsh (as in violence-oriented)  humor when it came to BushCo, and I feel even more strongly about this, because of a genuine fear for Obama's life. This item reflects some of the anger we've been witnessing lately.

Yes, I realize this is silly stuff, but it hit a nerve. It's not so much the novelty toy that bothers me, it's some of the wording, as relatively mild as it is. Don't get me wrong, it's not a big deal, but I got that slightly queasy feeling when I read the ad.

Or maybe it's just my mood, which today can be described as "unsettled."


I can say this with certainty, though: A squishy piece of rubber is not worth $9.99 plus shipping.

H/t: Greg Sargent

  • Anonymous

    I think you are sorely mistaken when you think that all the people who object to Obama's radical agenda are "right wingers" - The Tea Party was maligned by the Dems as "right wing fanatics" when indeed, they are middle of the road conservatives who simply believe in smaller govt, less govt interference to business and our lives, and to rein in spending.  His insane out-of-control spending, fuel costs fueling rampant inflation, record unemployment, half trillion dollar cut to Medicare, one-in-six Americans on Food Stamps, long term unemployment exceeding that of The Great Depression, his demonization of capitalism/free enterprise, ALL are WRONG!  He has started a class warfare and has set back  r a c e  relations 70 years.

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  • RealityCheck

    OMG ... you are ALL so pathetic ... Bush endured FAR WORSE over FAR LESS for over 7 years. He was cut slack for about 1 week after 9/11 and that was it. He was crucified daily my the state media, while O'Shameful is protected like an endangered species, no matter what the facts are. This web site is quite frankly, a joke. Best of luck with that world of delusion you live in. I find the infantile's who 'came of age' from 2000 - 2010 are just about the dumbest most ignorant whiners on the face of the Earth ... Mother Gaia, Bambi ... Jeesus, you all took meds at skrool growing up and you're just a mess.

  • How many times must we be reminded that "The number of fools is infinite?"

  • I'm not saying it's unfair or they shouldn't produce these; as I said in the
    post, it just hit me wrong.

  • kimbutgar

    I like my Obama with a surfboard bobble head that I brought in Hawaii a whole lot better. But to be fair there were Bush voodoo dolls during his reign.

  • waimeawitch

    I'm quite happy, thank you.

  • Bob

    Sucks to be you!

  • waimeawitch

    Where's our Dubya doll? Oh yea, our liberal, tree-hugging, non-violent, spread-the-wealth, peace-loving, non-racist, health-care-for-all minds don't think like that ... damn!

  • Holy crap...... "crush" ??

    As much as I couldn't stand Bush/Cheney, and that's a whole bunch, I would never have though that it would be okay to have vile, hateful things like this.

  • Wow, totally missed that. Good catch!

  • Ferris

    Notice it's a white hand doing the crushing to a black face. Subtle.

  • wow...the hate just keeps coming.