VIDEO- Obama: Too Chill for the Spill?


My Twitter pal Bondwooley (Lester and Charlie) has allowed me to share their latest video with you. It's a good one! Snarkage galore:

When the going gets tough, America calls for action, leadership and complete meltdowns. Is Obama dropping the ball when it comes to expressing outrage, hysterics and feeling our pain? Lester & Charlie sought out a sensitivity expert who had some sound advice for the president.

  • Scrubthedata

    Obama is an eloquent and motivational speaker when he chooses to be. I think that people are asking why he doesn't flip that switch during this situation.

  • Shirley

    Lester & Charlie did it again. Gave me a day of out-loud laughter. And if you're having a bad day, treat yourself to a Lester & Charlie film festival. Somebody please, put those guys on TV!

  • Chris P.

    HAHA! Hilarious. I saw Obama's "kick some ass" comment yesterday. He just doesn't sound natural when he tries to be like that. I voted for a brainiac, and that's just what I want him to be. I don't need a "feeler-in-Chief."