VIDEO- Glenn Beck: The Book Trailer. Now with bonus 'Dog... Vomit'!


Is there no end to Glenn Beck's nausea-inducing spew? And now his own spew includes dog spew, too! Boy howdy, if that's not an appetizing inducement to read what he so generously calls a "book", I don't know what is!

Mmm, mmm,  bad!

First, why does a book need a trailer?

Second, I'm beginning to think he and Former Half-Gov McCan'tWrite are collaborators. Between the two of them-- after putting their two little pinheads together in some kind of demented little huddle-- their final products are about read-worthy as a Preparation H box.

But wait! There's more! He's selling his house at a loss!

Guess those book sales won't dig him out of this one:

According to Business Insider, it is Fox News host Glenn Beck, whose Connecticut home is on the block for a cool $4 million, a little less than what he paid for it in 2005.

Even with the loss, imagine what the Gulf residents could do with that money.

Then again, Blech probably needed all that room to accommodate his over sized ego.

  • Citizenb

    Wow, talking about spewing ignorance! You take the cake. Quoting a Kipling poem "And now his own spew includes dog vomit". Get your facts straight. Obviously you are trying to spread hate which is one of the favorite accusations of the left about the right.
    Oh and Glenn Beck is selling his house at a loss?!?! Oh my! Say it isn't so! Umm, where have you been for the past year or so? Most of America is selling their homes at a loss.
    What is your problem? (other than ignorance and hate?)