VIDEO: Media demands Oscar-winning President Emo


Oh good god. He's the president, not Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep (first actors who popped into my noggin).

So "kicking ass" wasn't good enough? Or was it too "gangsta"?

If he cries, will he be too "gay"? If he rants, will he be too "unstable"? If he bites his lip, will he be too Clintonian?

If I call the punditiots superficial, ratings hungry glory hounds, will I be too "radical"?

  • Juno

    Apparently the media's demand for emotion from the president was never meant to be met, the idea is to change the bar up or down depending on whatever he does. What a group of bleeping self-absorbed, self-important, sadists!

  • Michele

    I like the Texan at the end asking "How would it help if the President did show emotion?" Really sometimes emotion is overrated and you have to think with a clear head. Even if he did show emotion they would be criticizing him for being too emotional. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.