LIVE VIDEO FEED: President Obama's commencement speech at Kalamazoo, Michigan's Central High


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Can you imagine being a high school graduate, shaking President Obama's hand? He's planning on greeting each grad.

  • Brian

    "Don't make excuses.........." Yeah, just point the finger at someone else.

  • Gaa! I'd have loved to see Trudeau!

  • Jonah247365

    One of Laffy's faves, Garry Trudeau, spoke at my graduation. As cool as that was, gotta say Obama would be cooler! 😀

  • Luci

    I wonder how wonderful shaking the President's hand must be?

  • Luci

    I wish they would/could move that sleepy headed kid behind the President.

  • Dick Van Dyke spoke at my homecoming.

  • Mia

    Awesome. We had a local newspaper writer speak at mine way back when.