John Ensign compares himself to pro athlete (with personal problems)


See that blog title? Well, heck, I'd compare myself to a Pulitzer prize winner, but that would be equally delusional.

Mr. Ensign, I know Kobe Bryant, and you're no Kobe Bryant.

Okay, I don't know him. But I've met Kareem Abdul Jabar. And I once dated Bobby Grich.  Does that count?

Here's a tiny bit of what's been reported about Athlete John the Cheater (here are all previous posts, if you need a major refresher course):

Senator John Ensign sought financial backing for a troubled Nevada energy company in 2008, and at the same time he urged the company to hire his mistress’s husband, according to people involved in the matter.

At the request of the company, P2SA Equity, Mr. Ensign had two senior aides contact one of the nation’s largest oil pipeline businesses, Kinder Morgan, about forming a partnership, two executives associated with the project said.

He pulled in a big fifty bucks (from one contributor) last quarter.

Now here's what Athlete John the Cheater is saying:

"Put it this way. Let's say you are a professional athlete and you had some personal problems, whatever those were," Ensign said. "Well that night, the game's there. You have to go do your best for your team. They are paying you; you are a professional."

Just because you get paid, it doesn't necessarily mean you are a professional. See, professionals should, you know, act professional.

Maybe he meant he's a professional failure:

The Nevada Republican faces a fast-moving Senate Ethics Committee investigation, which could lead to sanctions and even his expulsion from Congress, and a more ominous Justice Department investigation, which could land him in prison.

Or a professional hypocrite:

"Listen, I don't believe I did anything legally or ethically wrong, so I don't have any problems cooperating," he said. "It is just a process that is going to take some time, and all that kind of stuff is out of my control."

That's where he's wrong... again. It was very much in his control. All he had to do is refrain from illegal and unethical behavior.

Then again, maybe that behavior what he was referring to when he compared himself to an athlete.

Many more details here.

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    I guess I should have suspected that.

  • NOT cool. He was an animal (and that was also his nickname, I found out
    later). No kidding. I had to fight him off. Luckily, he backed off.

  • Ddomike

    You dated Bobby Grich? How cool is that?