BP Press Conference



CNN Question:

BP shifted 3-400 workers, but when the President left, all but a dozen left.


We moved in more people to fight this battle... these people working long days in heat of sun... their leaving not associated with president arriving.

CNN's response after the presser:

We've never had 400 there, they spent time recruiting people for today, then Obama leaves, the workers leave too. Ironic that they'd pull off this type of shenanigans... It's a slap in face, insulting to Gulf Coast residents and to the president. If they left every day at 2-3 o'clock that would be one thing, but this was no coincidence.

Short version of the part I saw:

We're keeping track of dead wildlife, comparing natural death numbers to the numbers we killed. We'll do this even after "all this is done." (When, in 20 years?) We're the good guys, honest.


Maybe we need to go on radio stations. Give us suggestions on how to communicate. We have trained engineers and wildlife specialists.

How much mud was pumped? How many junk shots?

We'll keep you updated. I don't have the exact numbers. We have a "large" amount of material. We can continue to replace...

Have you begun pumping mud again?

And then MSNBC cut away before we could hear the answer.