VIDEO: Louisiana Rep. Charlie Melancon breaks down in tears discussing oil disaster


The Gulf oil disaster has provided a slew of indelible images: puddles of oil in the ocean, coated birds, blackened shoreline. But there have been few human faces that capture the enormity of the crisis, until now.

In a House subcommittee meeting on the spill, Louisiana Rep. Charlie Melancon, who represents much of the coastal area being directly affected by the spill, broke down in tears while delivering his remarks. [...]

His lip quivering as he tried to maintain his composure, Melancon was unable to finish his statement. He submitted it for the record and walked out of the hearing.

As Rachel Maddow just said to him on her show, "Everybody in the country has a little bit of their heart in your district."

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl

    Oh this just broke my heart...but he is absolutely right! Yesterday I was on the phone with a Federal employee of US D of Fish & wildlife about Alaskan wolves being threatened in a remote Island by SOA, and he said the same thing, These animals on FED Refuges or Parks are America's Animals! If something happens to them WE ALL lose! Support your National Parks and Federal Refuges!

  • This will break your heart and it is not political. It gave me a new perspective.

  • This will break your heart. Congressman from LA speaking at a hearing yesterday. It really gave me a new perspective. Please watch. Not political at all.