White Supremacist Watch: Stormfront funding Rand Paul


This comes via MinistryOfTruth over at Kos:

Stormfront.org, which was founded to support David Duke for senate by another KKK Grand Dragon, Don Black, has been promoting and contributing to Rand Paul's moneybombs. Palling around with WhiteSupremacists much?

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Here is a link to the tweet.

Remember this post in which former Rand Paul spokesperson Chris Hightower was fired for a Facebook post in which he failed to delete "Happy Nigger day" along with photos of lynchings? The post included descriptions of how he liked to go to the local mall in KKK garb.

I'm sensing a pattern.

Here is the link to the image I posted at the top of the page.

There is much more here. Please pay a visit and give it a read.

  • Adc

    So a man supports another man, without the seconds knowledge and that taints the person supported? What cheap leftist drivel. 

  • also, Obama took contributions from many groups not to be associated with and funded by the Black Panthers. so shut up. 

  • I am sensing a pattern of attempting to link Paul to anything that might scare off voters, CNN. 

  • understanding1

    So what?

    How many NAACP and La raza fascist give support to politicians? Probably much more so than any Stormfronter does. Rand Paul for his part is not connected to Stormfront.

    Only white hating bigots would be against Stormfronters right to support a politician even though that politician may not know he or she is receiving their support.

  • joesdaughter

    I am a life long member of the Democratic Party and I was never a supporter of Ron Paul. I remember when this newsletter came to light I thought that it was in no way a genuine representation of this man's beliefs. How could it be ? The statements were stupid- beyond logic. He had a lot of crazy ideas, but even if he believed these things, how could he let them be made public in any way related to him ?


    What Rand Paul seems to have made evident is that his view of private property rights are just the tip of this iceberg. This represents his public behavior. What is discussed at the dinner table when grandpa comes to visit the grandchildren ? Neither of these men has any business in the legislative profession.

  • Neo-Nazis' Stormfront supporting Rand Paul...And he is ACCEPTING the support? #TCOT #p2