White Supremacist Watch: Stormfront funding Rand Paul


This comes via MinistryOfTruth over at Kos:

Stormfront.org, which was founded to support David Duke for senate by another KKK Grand Dragon, Don Black, has been promoting and contributing to Rand Paul's moneybombs. Palling around with WhiteSupremacists much?

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Here is a link to the tweet.

Remember this post in which former Rand Paul spokesperson Chris Hightower was fired for a Facebook post in which he failed to delete "Happy Nigger day" along with photos of lynchings? The post included descriptions of how he liked to go to the local mall in KKK garb.

I'm sensing a pattern.

Here is the link to the image I posted at the top of the page.

There is much more here. Please pay a visit and give it a read.