Rodney Glassman could beat John McCain and J.D. Hayworth


John McCain is beatable, just as Bob Bennett was in Utah, as Arlen Specter was in Pennsylvania, as Blanche Lincoln was in Arkansas, you get the idea.This is the Year of Bye-Bye-Incumbent.

And who defines the corrupt DC establishment better than John Sidney McCain? That would be the very same J Sid who voted against Wall Street reform. [Note: Link to accompanying article is now broken] Yes, that corrupt DC establishment candidate:

In the Senate vote, four Republicans sided with the Democrats for approval: Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Charles Grassley and Scott Brown.

Now that we've established who the establishment is, we have to establish who isn't. Think... think... who could beat Gramm-pa (as in Phil) aka "The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong" McCain?

Why, Rodney Glassman could. And who is this Rodney Glassman I speak of?

This comes via an e-mailed press release internal polling memo (please note, edited to correct). Consider it an introduction:

He can win based on his appeal as a candidate as well as polling data that has been done to date in Arizona that shows he can beat both Republican candidates. [...]

McCain is vulnerable as a majority of voters in Arizona dislike him, disapprove of the job he is doing as U.S. Senator, and are not inclined to vote to re-elect him. This provides an opportunity for Rodney Glassman to defeat the 28-year incumbent. [...]

Even if McCain can pull out a victory, this bodes well for Glassman’s campaign prospects.

--Most incumbents who lose in the general election had previously faced a contentious primary election. The fact that McCain is going through a bruising primary that will likely remain close means he will come out of the primary with a fractured base, higher negatives, and a much smaller war chest than when he started. This is a formula for success for Rodney Glassman’s campaign as a challenger to a long-time incumbent.

--McCain is under 50 percent in the polls on multiple measurements:

--McCain is under 50 percent in the horserace vote against J.D. Hayworth among Republican primary voters in three (3) separate surveys. [...]

McCain is already under 50 percent against Rodney Glassman in a general election match-up. --McCain draws 48% to 35% for Glassman in the DailyKos/Research 2000 poll conducted in April.
--The margin is similar in the PPP poll – 49% for McCain to 33% for Glassman.

Oh, and just for good measure, let's not forget the wealth of information that Cliff Schecter provided in his book The Real McCain. Let's not ignore J Sid's infamous temper.  And don't get me started about his tasteless sense of humor [sic]. All these things work against him, and besides, they're just fun to reminisce about. Oh, but I digress...

As for J.D. Hayworth, here are a few noteworthy little tidbits:

Glassman will have an even better opportunity to pick up the seat for Democrats.

--Glassman already leads Hayworth in one poll and is tied with him in another.

--Glassman leads Hayworth 42% to 39% among likely voters in the PPP poll done in late April.

--Glassman is statistically tied with Hayworth – 42% for Glassman to 43% for Hayworth – in the DailyKos/Research 2000 poll.

--Hayworth is deeply unpopular.

--According to the PPP poll, half of general election voters currently have an unfavorable opinion of Hayworth and more than twice as many dislike him as like him (23% favorable, 50% unfavorable).

Let’s not forget - Hayworth was named one of the most corrupt members of Congress by an independent watchdog group and lost his Congressional seat in 2006 in large part due to his corrupt record and his dealings with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

One additional point from the memo: Glassman is fairly popular with general election voters in Arizona.

And there you have it. If you hadn't been aware of Rodney Glassman, you are now.  McCain and Hayworth must be defeated. That's a given.

  • Lynn Marie

    What could be a better "check/balance" for our poor state than changing our 20 plus years of Republican senators to Democratic senators???? What do we have to lose at this point, pray tell??

  • Lynn Marie

    I agree!! However, passing this bill certainly stimulated a long overdue, nationwide, discussion/look at our broken system, didn't it? Long term congress members have been kicking the issue down the road for years. Now our citizens/voters are finally screaming loud enough that they (our employees) understand their feet are in the fire & must take some kind of accountability for their failure to ACT on our behalf.

  • Lynn Marie

    I totally agree!!!!!!

  • Lynn Marie

    McCain & Kyl have both been in Congress since 1986!!!!!!!!! What have they done for our state????????? Our border is (& has been) wide open & we are at the bottom of education pit nationally. Both men need to go, asap!!!!! We need NEW blood--NOW.

  • Saguaro Sam

    It's interesting that thought Rodney is endorsed by several local labor organizations -- but by no means all -- he hasn't ever been an employee or a member of a union. That seems sort of strange. I get the "you scratch my back - I'll scratch yours approach," but I don't get the reciprocity here. In fact, I'm curious about his career. Seems like he's a professional politician, in the same way that some people are professional students. If he loses this race and leaves the Council, what exactly is the job to which he returns? I need more substance than that for the measure of the man.

  • Check the calendar instead of spewing BS. Glassman is on the books for debate. Nice try! VOTE GLASSMAN!

  • And what exactly has McCain's 30 plus years of experience gotten us Arizonans?? That doesn't fly with this native Arizonan. I'd rather have somebody young with a vibrant mind than a man who can't remember if he's a maverick or not. McCain is done! VOTE GLASSMAN!

  • What exactly do you mean "tied to big AG?" Back it up with a link instead of just throwing inuendoes out there. Jeez!!

  • You keep "hearing" from who??

  • Rodney doesn't have the balls to even respond to invitations to debate his primary election opponents. McCain would eat him alive.

    DOUGHERTY, on the other hand, will chew both Glassman and McCain up and spit them out before either knows what happened.

  • Adam Mueller-Martin

    Glassman response to SB 1070

    "This legislation is a rash attempt to score political points. The federal government has failed to secure our border and that must change. John McCain has been in Washington for 28 years and while he has been on all sides of the issue, our immigration problem has gotten much worse under his watch.

    S.B. 1070 is the type of legislation that undermines the trust between law enforcement and neighborhoods that so many have worked so long to achieve. It does nothing to secure the border or stop the violence in our border region. It does nothing to address the reasons so many cross our borders without going through legal channels. The bill is nothing but an unfunded mandate that shifts the financial burden onto cities and towns already grappling with budget cuts."

  • Lula

    Goddard refuses to defend the cases against 1070 and Jan will have to get another, private attorney to racially profile.

  • Lula

    I would just love to see John Dougherty, an investigative reporter, who is running against Glassman for the nomination, take on McCain. Let's see McCain weasel away from real information. Glassman is a scion of Britz Fertilizers, tied to big Ag. Do we want this in Congress now? NO! we need muck- rakers, now! .

  • juicyfruityy

    Arizona is ready for a Democratic, Senator. It is not what AZ wants it is what the people wants!!!!

  • juicyfruityy

    Go get them, Glassman!!

  • Tim O

    So everyone should give up and stay home. At his age, McCain could drop dead at any moment; especially with that temper. He'll probably stroke out during his first debate with Glassman.

    If Arizona has such a problem with Democrats, why are the majority of its representatives Democrats, genius?

    Money is the only thing keeping anyone from that Senate seat. With the "Beer Frau" footing the bill for Grandpa, you are right that it's a long shot. Polling shows that most people agree with the McCain Kennedy Immigration bill that the geezer now repudiates and Democratic turnout has been better that the GOP so far in this election cycle. Why isn't the Tea Party winning any elections?

    There are plenty of openings for Glassman. Money is the key.

  • Nathan

    There is no way Glassman or JD could beat McCain. While all these candidates have faults, there is a significant difference between McCain and JD/Glassman. Arizona does not want a democratic Senator. I think the entire Nation supports this statement. This Nation needs more checks and balances and less spending. There is nothing more in JD then an unethical blowhard. As for Glassman, the D by his name, along with his lack of experience create a huge issue in Congress.

  • Tim O

    Well he's kicking off his campaign this Wed. at Casey Moore's in Tempe. That would be a good opportunity to find out if he's come up with an answer. I agree that would be a BS answer, but to give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment, the issue has just come out and I'd prefer a thoughtful answer rather than an uninformed one.

    For instance, on SB1070 which is abhorrent, I keep hearing people like Holder and Napolitano concede they haven't read it yet. That's BS. It can't be that long, read the damn thing and point out the flaws! You know they're there!

    My point was that at least we have another attack dog on our side, I'm not endorsing him.

  • dougkahn

    I asked Mr. Dougherty at a Democratic meeting what he thought of the idea that has been proposed, a constitutional amendment to revoke the citizenship of children born in the United States to undocumented immigrants. "I'm still thinking about it," he said. Bullshit.

  • dougkahn

    I asked Mr. Dougherty at a Democratic meeting what he thought of the idea that has been proposed, a constitutional amendment to revoke the citizenship of children born in the United States to undocumented immigrants. "I'm still thinking about it," he said. Bullshit.

  • dougkahn

    And Rodney's opinion on SB1070? Like every other white guy (other than Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon) in Arizona, he won't say shit about Joe Arpaio or the anti-immigrant crowd here. That goes for AZ AG Terry Goddard, too. Cowards.

  • Tyroanee

    Whoo hoo someone is using their voting rights...not to mention brain cells!
    Good Job America, it's time to clean house.

  • Speaking as the unofficial lefty baker of the Political Carnival, this is welcome news! And don't forget the gaff that JD Slugworth made today by saying that the US never officially declared war on Nazi Germany!

    Thank you JD! Thank you! You're an idiot!

  • I have met Rodney on a couple of occasions and I find him engaging, intelligent, witty, and he cares about the people of his home state. He is the former vice mayor of Tucson and respected by both Republicans and Democrats alike. I have been campaigning for him several months and will continue until he wins in November and sends John McCain to on of his 7 retirement homes. You can also follow Rodney on twitter @RodneyforAZ and @rodneyglassman

  • Tim O

    There is another Democratic candidate that could prove a fly in the ointment for either Slugworth or McCain. John Dougherty, who was a journalist that helped uncover the Keating 5 scandal. I don't think he can raise the money, but he did get 10,000 signatures pretty quickly to get on the primary ballot. He's a quick wit, very smart and has the goods on McCain. I don't think he's in the game to attack Glassman so his artillery will be pointed directly at the two Republicans. His site is