VIDEO: Atlas Ducked


Daffy. 'Nuff said:

A deconstruction of libertarian philosophy and Rand Paul. Visit Matt Osborne's website here.

  • HarborGuy

    OH!!!!! My gawd!

    Is that JUST TOO perfect...even an maroon TeaTraitorBagger should be able to understand that.

  • JohnnyO

    Excellent piece. I heard it live Friday on Bob Kinkaid's program on the H.O.R.N. network without the Video.

  • WOOT! Spread the word, folks -- Rand Paul = Daffy Duck

  • I don't totally agree with you - there is a particular problem that occurs when there's wholesale wealth - such as we see today. So many of these people are not emotionally equipped - not mature enough - to deal with that kind of wealth. To them it's all about "the money". "Money" is just paper. It's what you do with the wealth that makes or breaks a society. But I think natural selection plays a part in this, and I don't think we should regulate everything, such as how much money a person is allowed to make. We make it easy - or hard - for them to do this. I think it's starting to get harder, but it's still too easy for them to hide away among those who seek them for their money, and not for the get my point here.

    It's happened'll happen again. Societies come and go. Ours may be on the way out. Thanks very much to a small group of callous Daffy Duck.

  • I watched this cartoon several months ago, when I was down sick. Cartoon Network was kind enough to engage me when I was in bed:) I took from this the exact same thing as did this guy. It's interesting when you grow up and recognize the deeper meanings of the work that adults since passed provided us. Breadcrumbs along the way if you will.

  • snarkydoc

    Physicians SHOULD be allowed to make a comfortable living. So should plumbers, teachers, even janitors. What none of them should do (at least not at public expense including tax loopholes) is be allowed to make an obscenely-wealthy living--and that goes for bankers, lawyers, and 'industrialists'.

    There should always be a wage-pyramid to encourage people to work harder and gain more reward if they so choose. But that pyramid should be more flat than pointy. If it is too pointy, social instability results, and the whole thing falls over and breaks apart. Then, nobody profits.